Louis Tomlinson Fans Think His Baby Freddie is Totally Fake

Louis Tomlinson Fans Think His Baby Freddie is Totally Fake

One Direction fans have created a conspiracy theory that Louis Tomlinson‘s new baby Freddie Reign is fake and they’ve got the pics to prove it!

Some big fans have been examining the 24-year-old superstar’s relationship with the baby’s mother Briana Jungwirth and believe that some things just don’t add up.

According to Buzzfeed, fans noted that there was some very specific media coverage of Briana before the public knew she was pregnant, leading them to believe it was purposely set up.

Fans have also very closely looked at the photos that Louis and Briana have shared of the baby and believe that many of the photos are photoshopped or taken from other people.

While fans were discussing the conspiracy theory, both Louis and Briana shared adorable brand new photos of Freddie on their Instagrams.

Louis Tomlinson’s baby is real?

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  • Betsy Hillendahl

    Stop lumping all of Louis’ fans with the crazy conspiracy theorists who are just bent out of shape that Louis had a baby instead of proclaiming his love for Harry Styles. It’s disgusting that they dehumanize an 11 week old baby the way they do, and it sickens me that the media just proclaims that all of his fans think that way. Those are not his fans. Those are people who are in such extreme denial that they’re bordering on completely mental and participating in cult-ish crowd-mongering behavior. Freddie is real. Louis is Freddie’s father. There’s a birth certificate. There are pictures of a real baby, and Freddie literally looks like Louis so much that it would be genetically impossible for him to not be Louis’ biological child at this point. People who dehumanize Louis’ own son, who send a bunch of bullying comments to his 12 year old twin sisters or to his mother, who send pornographic art of Louis and Harry to Louis’ 15 year old sister, who constantly mock and belittle Briana for being guilty of sleeping with Louis…these people are not fans. They’re absolutely vile, ridiculous, and pathetic people who wouldn’t believe the truth if Louis himself stood at their doorstep with Freddie in his arms, proclaiming to them that he’s the baby’s father.

    • SarahNicole

      I agree. It’s terrifying seeing nasty comments. It’s disgusting that these “Larry” fans post incredibly inappropriate photo art of Louis and Harry…Doing stuff to Louis’ little sisters and mothers’ Twitter. Larry’s should be ashamed of what they’re doing, they’re dissing an infant who did NOTHING to them. They’re also dissing Louinelle fans. Larry fans start the fights and tell US Louinelle fans we need to “Grow up and realize Freddie isn’t real and Larry will forever live.” No, Larry isn’t real and Freddie is very much HUMAN. Leave Louinelle and Freddie alone.

      • Valerie Brittain

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