Allison Holker & Stephen 'tWitch' Boss Reveal First Photos of Baby Son Maddox

Allison Holker & Stephen 'tWitch' Boss Reveal First Photos of Baby Son Maddox

Allison Holker and husband Stephen “tWitch” Boss revealed the most adorable new photos of their first son, Maddox this week.

The 28- and 33-year-old professional dancers each wrote a sweet message on Instagram for their newborn son.

“To Maddox: I promise to love you forever, i will lead, I will teach, i will be strong, I will listen, I will be an example. I will be a shoulder to cry on when u need it, I will have a bandaid ready for when u fall, i will walk you into your first day of school and help u study for ur first test , I won’t help teach u to drive ( leave that to dad, the one that is a good driver) but I will help u pin on ur first prom boutonniere. I will be there for it all and you every step of the way. I AM your mother and that is unconditional and everlasting!” Allison wrote.

Stephen added, “I’m amazed every moment by how much his arrival has enriched and deepened the love in the Boss tribe. Maddox we are so proud of everything you are doing from opening your eyes, holding your head up, regularly pissing and pooping (only a parent can love that), and those little moments you smile back at us as we are smiling at you. This world is yours for the taking and equipped with your mother’s beauty, wit, charm, brains, tenacity, and pretty much every good quality—-combined with my ability to make sure you don’t get TOO CRAZY and act like a GENTLEMAN—your life is gonna be amazing with whatever you choose to do with it. We will always have your back because at the end of the day, you are a BOSS! We love you son. From your dedicated and at times will be annoying but always loving -Dad.”

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