Sophie Turner Got Famke Janssen's Blessing To Take Over Jean Grey Role in 'X-Men Apocalypse'

Sophie Turner Got Famke Janssen's Blessing To Take Over Jean Grey Role in 'X-Men Apocalypse'

Sophie Turner leans on a tree in this stunning shot from cover story in The EDIT.

The 20-year-old Game of Thrones actress opened up about her bond with Sansa, working out and her new movie, X-Men Apocalypse. Check it:

On Sansa Stark: “I really care about this character; she’s like my best friend, my other half. I worry for [Sansa] because she’s a real person to me. I’m constantly saying to David and Dan [Benioff and Weiss, the show's creators], ‘What’s going to happen to her? You have to tell me!’ I almost think about her more than I do myself. It’s like a split personality; sometimes I slip into her by mistake.”

On where Sansa is in season 6: “She has to take command because Theon [Greyjoy, played by Alfie Allen, who assisted Sansa in her escape from Winterfell at the end of season five] is a shell of the man he was, so this is her realizing that she has to take things into her own hands. Until now, it’s just been about her survival and seeing her family again, but last season broke her, so I think she is gunning for revenge now, too.”

On playing a young Jean Grey in X-Men Apocalypse: “I would hate someone else to play Sansa, so I can’t imagine how Famke [Janssen] feels. I emailed her straight away to say, ‘Are we cool?’ I thought she did an incredible job so I said, ‘I hope I can do justice to your character.’ She sent me such a lovely reply – ‘I’m handing that honor over to you’ – that I cried.”

On how working out helped her self-esteem: “Before I got [the trainer], I went through a bit of a dark place, I was not happy with myself. I think for me, and for every young girl out there, body image is such a big thing, especially if you are in the public eye. People comment on [your appearance] and… Eugh. So when I was forced to get into shape and eat healthily, my skin cleared up and I felt energetic all the time. It totally changed me.”

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