Stitchers' Jasmin Savoy Brown Is Obsessed With Tori Kelly, So Obviously Love Her

Stitchers' Jasmin Savoy Brown Is Obsessed With Tori Kelly, So Obviously Love Her

Jasmin Savoy Brown looks ready to play some tunes on her guitar in this stunning pic from her latest photo shoot.

JJJ caught up with the Stitchers actress, who plays Nina, the well-versed fangirl who works at a comic book store and strikes up a “hot nerdy flirtation” with Cameron (Kyle Harris).

“Shooting Stitchers was such a blast. Nina is a confident, spunky, nerdy girl who falls in love when she isn’t expecting it,” Jasmin told us. “One thing that I love about Nina is that she is open to her own vulnerabilities and shortcomings, while still maintaining her self worth and speaking up when she doesn’t feel like her needs are being met.”

She added, “Nina is a great example of how to be strong, strive for a healthy relationship and love yourself – quirks, flaws and all. I learned so much from playing Nina! I have a personal rule that I won’t say a line if I don’t know what it means. So I researched any references to films, comic books, etc. that I wasn’t familiar with, 90% of them, and discovered a whole new world! It was also so much fun working on several episodes in a row, with multiple directors, and getting to know my co-actors.”

We also found out 10 Fun Facts about Jasmin. Check them out below!

  • 1. My middle name (Savoy) is a brand of toilet paper!
  • 2. I am obsessed with flannels. There is always one that I am constantly wearing, and I’ll wear it until the arms fall off, then I get another one. Right now I’m wearing a red and black one that my best friend gave me for Christmas.
  • 3. I used to tell people that I was adopted, just to see their reaction.
  • 4. My first professional babysitting job was at age 11 and I charged $2/hour.
  • 5. In the third grade I became obsessed with becoming the first female of something. I was set on being the first female president for a year or so, and then I wanted to be the first female NFL quarterback… The list goes on and on. I still stand by that desire, although now I know that it doesn’t have to be me – I support any “first” female trailblazers! Let’s go ladies!
  • 6. Whenever I dislike a food item, I make it my goal to like it. So weird. Right now I’m doing that with olives. I hate them. So I’ve given myself until Jan 1, 2017 to like them. I’m forcing myself to eat them. Why? Good question.
  • 7. For the past three weeks I have listened to Tori Kelly on repeat. Why is this girl not way more famous!? She’s incredible.
  • 8. I have never had a dog!!! Growing up, we always lived in a duplex or apartment complex and never could have one. The day that I finally get a dog will be among the best days of my life.
  • 9. I would love to go skydiving, but you couldn’t pay me ten million dollars to go bungee jumping. Nope. Never ever.
  • 10. My favorite Halloween costume of all time was when I was 9 – I was THE WALMART HAPPY FACE. That’s right. I had the cane, did the dance and everything.
  • Catch Jasmin on Stitchers, airing Tuesdays @ 9PM ET/PT on Freeform.

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