Witney Carson Isn't the Biggest Fan of Switch-Up Week - Read Her Week Five 'DWTS' Blog!

Witney Carson Isn't the Biggest Fan of Switch-Up Week - Read Her Week Five 'DWTS' Blog!

Every week, professional dancer Witney Carson will be writing a blog for JustJaredJr.com and sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes photos ahead of the Monday night episode of Dancing With the Stars.

For week five, Witney opens up about Switch-Up Week as she dances with Boyz II Men singer Wanya Morris instead of her usual partner, Denver Broncos football player Von Miller!

“Let’s be honest I really don’t like Switch-Up Week,” Witney writes. “I think it’s weird to drop everything with your actual partner and switch partners right in the middle of everything. But, this week was so fun! I loved getting to know Wanya and dancing with him. Even though I missed Von, I enjoyed the process of having a different partner for one week – which I can’t believe I’m saying!”

Don’t forget to vote for Witney and Wanya using 1-800-868-3412, and Lindsay Arnold and Von using 1-800-868-3411!

Click inside to read the rest of Witney Carson’s blog…

Wanya made switch up week good for me and I’m so happy about that. I learned so much and I hope Wanya learned from me as well. Von was with Lindsay this week and I can’t wait to see what they have! I know Lindsay will create a great routine and Von will try is hardest to be the best dancer he can be! Von, you’re coming back to me, don’t get it twisted!”

- Witney

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  • Nicole

    Poor Witney she’s had rough switch ups in past. Glad this week it changed with her switch up this season. Can’t wait to see what you bring with Wayna.Good luck! Glad blondemiller will be back next wk as team again.

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