Containment's Claudia Black Opens Up About Sabine's Attempt at Control

Containment's Claudia Black Opens Up About Sabine's Attempt at Control

How amazing was the pilot episode of Containment?

We caught up with Claudia Black after the episode to get the scoop on her character and what’s coming up!

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The super talented actress, who you may recognize as Dahlia from The Originals, now stars as Sabine Lommers, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“Sabine is the boss lady with the weight of the world on her shoulders,” Claudia tells JJJ. “She’s a control freak in a situation that’s nearly impossible to control. She’s cold, hard and I suspect, very, very lonely.”

Check out our interview with Claudia below! What is Sabine’s personal goal as the story begins and as it moves on? What is her ultimate professional goal?

Claudia Black: Sabine’s agenda is containment. She’s seen what happens when people don’t follow the rules and she doesn’t have a second to spare. I’m sure she’d loved to be the first female president.

JJJ: Sabine goes to Lex about being the face of the CDC cause and he’s reluctant. Why do you think she chose him?

CB: It’s his area of Atlanta. The people trust him; and when fear takes over trust becomes an essential commodity.

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JJJ: He doesn’t seem to trust her. Is Sabine just trying to do her job or does she have ulterior motives?

CB: Ha! Speaking of trust… Lex has cultivated relationships with people in his community and Sabine expects him to act on her say so with limited information.

JJJ: Sabine has a lot of experience in the field. Has that affected her ability to connect or want to connect with the more personal and human stories affected by the outbreak?

CB: I think many people in these positions either have to cultivate a clinical side to their personality or have a pathology that allows them to cut off from it all. Her experience in the field with Ebola and other deadly viruses does drive her though. She wants to handle it better and help people learn from previous mistakes.

JJJ: What can we expect coming up from Sabine as the outbreak continues to take down Atlanta?

CB: I’m not sure what takes they use though hopefully some cracks in her veneer at the very least! We do start to see how she manages situations, relationships and events to her advantage. She’s quite mysterious. And I guess as an extremely high ranking government official, she has to be in order to do her job effectively. I think that speaks to the loneliness I felt in her too.

JJJ: Any chance we’ll get to know Sabine more, perhaps her background or family situation?

CB: Yes, there are some little morsels to nibble on. Though really she’s most deeply in “relationship” with the virus itself and Lex Carnahan. It’s funny…in the absence of a character history, I created one for my own amusement and when I checked in with Julie [Plec, the EP] we were totally in agreement.

JJJ: You have experience working with Julie on The Originals. What was it like to work with her on this project compared to your previous project?

CB: Well, this time I’ve gotten to know her and spend time with her. She’s a top sheila. (I’ve never used that expression in all my years on the planet though all this time spent with Hanna Mangan Lawrence who plays Theresa, all my Aussie slang is coming out!)

JJJ: How can fans follow you?

CB: Thanks for asking! Though it always makes me giggle. I think of the scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian when Brian implores them not to follow him, “You’re all individuals!”

“YES!” they ironically all reply in unison, ” We are ALL individuals!!!”

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