First Read Alert: "Autumn's Wish" by Bella Thorne!

First Read Alert:

JJJ has such a treat for our readers today — we got our hands on an exclusive excerpt from Bella Thorne‘s upcoming novel, “Autumn’s Wish”!

In the third book of her trilogy, senior year is here, and everyone has a plan—except Autumn Falls. So many crazy-important decisions lie ahead, and she’s scared to make the wrong one.

So when she receives a magical locket that enables her to travel through time (!!!), Autumn hopes she can correct all her past mistakes—with her friends, with boys—and maybe even prevent her dad from dying. But the locket doesn’t work that way.

Instead, Autumn discovers that she’s only able to visit the future—and she doesn’t like what she sees. Autumn can change her destiny . . . but what does she really want?

“Autumn’s Wish” hits shelves and wherever books are sold on July 5th, and the second book, “Autumn’s Kiss” is available on paperback June 7th.

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