Tye Sheridan Looks Hot Shirtless for 'Hero' Magazine Cover Story

Tye Sheridan Looks Hot Shirtless for 'Hero' Magazine Cover Story

Tye Sheridan goes shirtless in black and white for the new cover of Hero magazine’s issue 15, given exclusively to JustJaredJr.com.

The 19-year-old actor opened up about his X-Men: Apocalypse audition, his love for photography, and working with Steven Spielberg. Check it:

On borrowing a friend’s car for his first X-Men audition: “It was this Porsche 911 convertible and I was like, ‘Ok, I’ll drive your car.’ [laughs] And so the next morning, I’m on the 405 going south, there’s just so much traffic, bumper to bumper, and I’m thinking I’m going to be late. I’ve been in the car an hour, running the lines in my head, I’m kinda out of it…I snap back into reality, I just f-cking rear-ended someone. And so I step out of the car and this guy is driving a Jaguar, he gets out and he’s like, ‘What the f-ck?!’ I thought, ‘This is so bad, I’m going to miss my audition, I just blew X-Men, it’s gone’…The guy ended up being super cool, eventually I got back in the car and my brain is just racked, all these nerves. So I go in, finish the audition, I can’t remember what it was like, what I did, how I did, and I walk out going, ‘Dude, I just blew that.’ And then I get a call about the audition, like, ‘Hey they want you to read again. I’m like, ‘No way.’”

On his photography: “I think I always had an eye for taking photos but I never actually had a legit camera until I was seventeen years old. A stills photographer on this movie called The Forger I was shooting in Boston gave me this Canon AE-1 Program, and he goes, ‘Tye, you’ve been amazing to work with, I want to give this to you because I think you’ll like it.’ Shooting on a film camera just feels so classic and cinematic, and I fell in love with it.”

On landing the lead role in Ready Player One: “I was shooting X-Men, my agent sends me a script and I typically don’t like to read things while I’m working on something else. Sometimes I think it can conflict with what your intentions are for one project when you start reading other things. But then he said, ‘This is a Spielberg film.’ And I had a lot of time off on the X-Men movie because it was like a five month shoot. So I read the script and thought, ‘This movie is going to be massive and I think it’s going to be a huge milestone in cinema.’ Half the film takes place in this virtual realm and with all the advancements in VR [virtual reality] today, he’s going to use the most upgraded and advanced technology for it. I told myself, ‘I’m going to do this audition, I’m never getting casted for this, but you know, I’m going to do it.’”

FYI: Tye is wearing a selection of Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, Dries Van Noten, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, and Paul Smith.

For more on Tye, visit Hero-Magazine.com.

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Photos: Fabien Kruszelnicki
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