Zendaya Claims She Was a Victim of Racial Discrimination While Shopping

Zendaya Claims She Was a Victim of Racial Discrimination While Shopping

Zendaya claims she was refused service at a store due to her “skin tone.”

The 20-year-old actress took to Snapchat to share the ordeal she and a friend faced while attempting to buy $400 worth of gift cards from Vons supermarket.

Zendaya started by saying that she was refused service at the store by a worker, who apparently “wasn’t a huge fan” of her skin tone.

She went on to say that the worker was rude to her and told her she couldn’t purchase the gift cards before “throwing” Zendaya‘s wallet at her.

Zendaya is using this situation to show that there is “so much progress” that still needs to be done in today’s society.

In the end, Zendaya took the upper hand and said she didn’t have any hard feelings towards the worker. She concluded her Snapchat story by saying that the manager of the store reached out to her and helped her get everything she needed.

Watch Zendaya‘s Snapchat story below.

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  • PNutButty

    And people claim that were “free” here in America. Nope.

    • Gracie

      You are always free to go someplace else. No one is stopping you.

      • PNutButty

        Yeah just like they were free to bring us here. Why don’t they go somewhere else? They don’t own this place either.

  • Gracie

    I don’t believe her. This girl will do anything for the tiniest bit of publicity. Nowadays, if you don’t have the pic or vid, it didn’t happen.

    • Bootsy

      I don’t know. On one hand Z doesn’t need any publicity. She can do anything she wants right now. I’m looking forward to the Spiderman movie. And also I just can’t imagine anyone discriminating against Z. I mean come on. Many store clerks would probably scream and then try to get a selfie with her.

      The only scenario I can think of is that the clerk didn’t know who she was and thought some kid was coming in buying gift cards with a stolen credit card or something. So I just don’t know what to make of this.

  • Jordan

    Z is such a cute, attractive looking girl. She doesn’t look like her mom at all, so I guess she takes after her dad’s side of the family. Glad she finally got her gift cards. Shame on the sales clerk that treated Z so badly.

>>>>>>> staging1