Alex & Sierra Open Up About Being Dropped by Syco in Reddit AMA

Alex & Sierra Open Up About Being Dropped by Syco in Reddit AMA

Alex & Sierra opened up to their fans and new friends on a Reddit AMA this afternoon.

The musical duo dished about life after X Factor, being dropped by Syco, break up rumors, music and much more. Check out some highlights below:

On what they think would happen if they, as a couple, ever parted: Yeah, absolutely. The thing is, we’ve been best friends since we were 17/18. Now we’re both 25. And we’ve gotten our system down, but we know that the industry has broken up a lot of great bands. We could always try continuing Alex & Sierra, like other bands who have had break ups within them (ala Fleetwood Mac/No Doubt) or do the whole solo project thing but we haven’t put TOO much thought to it. We currently write and release songs together, and have a lot of fun, but we also have solo songs JUST because it’s fun to write and do something that sounds different. We’ve always thought about releasing those for free, but also wouldn’t want to start any break-up rumors, so who knows.

On X Factor and the pressure of live television: SO MUCH about being on live TV is stressful. The show would start filming at 5pm but we’d be at the studio by 6am to start hair and make-up and dress rehearsal. The entire time we’d have no less than 5 people working on us at once; clothes being tugged on, hair curled, face being painted, people interviewing us, etc.
Also, the idea that millions of people are watching you is insane. And pressure is quadrupled when you realize that if you do something really horrible, it will be on the internet forever with people making fun of you haha. I for one, am much better through writing than I am speaking (this is Sierra) so being on the show was stressful because I sounded like an unintelligent human when in fact, I’m quite the opposite haha.

On their favorite place they performed at: We honestly enjoy something in every city that we tour to… it’s the most amazing experience ever to explore places you’ve never been.
That being said, we played a wedding anniversary in the middle of the bush in Kruger National Park in South Africa…. that was insane. We were performing in what was essentially a huge tree house and could hear lions chuffing and watched elephants cross a river haha. Unreal.

On being dropped by their label (in the bio section): Prior to being on the show, we had never written music together, so we also stumbled our way through putting an album out. We were signed to Columbia Records and Syco Records, had an army of people telling us what to do, had huge photo shoots, music videos, we played the Today Show, Radio City, went on two tours with Colbie Caillat, Andy Grammer & Rachel Platten…. and then no one talked to us for 3+ months. We found out we were dropped through a text message to someone we had just met who had a friend at one of the labels. So we got dropped by our labels, agency, lost our publishing deal, and our manager all at once. After having some significant, not mind blowing but significant, success. We spent some time thinking and now we have new management that rule, but we’re doing everything else independently now. We just released an EP to get music out while we work on a full length.

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  • Lala April

    It’s unfair that they were dropped by their labels in such ways… :(

  • Paul H

    Simon Cowell interviewed them on X factor and asked ” what happens if you split up? ” They both replied that this would never happen. How naive people can be to believe they know the future of their relationship.

    I thought they were good but not great at singing and there success was more about a love story than the music they came out with. Still, I wish them the best and hopefully they can produce some better music that won’t get them dropped anymore. But it is a tough business.

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