Ryan McCartan Still Loves Ex-Fiancee Dove Cameron 'To Death'

Ryan McCartan Still Loves Ex-Fiancee Dove Cameron 'To Death'

Ryan McCartan and Dove Cameron called off their engagement earlier this month and broke a million hearts along with it.

But Ryan, who stars in Fox’s new Rocky Horror Picture Show, insists that Dove is still in his heart and thoughts.

“I’m good. I love her to death,” he told EOnline at the premiere last night. “There’s a lot of love there. You know, she made a decision that—because I love her—I have to respect.”

Ryan went on to talk about the special which airs next week.

“Here’s the situation: It’s the exact same script. Every ‘t’ crossed, every ‘i’ dotted. I mean, it’s literally the exact same script. The characters and the story and what it represents, all of that is still in tact,” Ryan shared “But it’s a brand new cast of characters and it’s 41 years later, so you’re going to see improved technology, better camera work, better special effects, better costuming with William Ivey Long, a wardrobe legend. You’re going to see people who have been a fan of this since its inception.”

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  • Victoria Snay

    Noooo they can’t break up. I hope they get back together but not because the fans or I want them to. I want them to get back together because that’s what they want for themselves. I love you Dove Cameron. Do what you have to do that’s all I have to say