Camila Cabello Speaks Out Against Donald Trump: 'Your Voice Matters'

Camila Cabello Speaks Out Against Donald Trump: 'Your Voice Matters'

It’s safe to say that Camila Cabello will not be voting for Donald Trump on Election Day.

The 19-year-old Fifth Harmony singer took to Instagram to post an excerpt from the Humans of NY account.

“Your voice matters, your voice makes a difference” #ElectionFinalThoughts,” Camila tweeted about it.

“There are enough of us who understand that this is not a normal election,” the post reads. “This is not a normal man. We cannot validate his lies with the authority of the presidency.”

It continues, “This election is about preventing a dangerous demagogue from becoming the most powerful man in the world…But we must vote. We must nudge each other. We must drive each other to the polls. We must make calls, and send texts, and knock on doors, and we must not allow anyone to accuse us of ‘being political.’ Because this isn’t ‘politics as usual.’”

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