VIDEO: YouTube Star Jeydon Wale Reveals He's Transgender

VIDEO: YouTube Star Jeydon Wale Reveals He's Transgender

Jeydon Wale has been making videos for over nine years – and he’s ready to share something really personal with fans.

The YouTube personality just posted a new video in which he reveals that he’s transgender.

“Hi, my name is Jeydon Wale and I am female to male transgender – holy sh-t,” he says. “I have always been a boy, [but] my body said otherwise at birth.”

“I’ve waited for this for like 10 years, since before YouTube,” he continues. “This is something I know that I’ve wanted and it’s been the craziest journey to get here, but I’m finally here; it’s finally happening.”

Jeydon also shared, “I never thought people would love and accept me for who I am…I just can’t thank you enough; thank you for letting me be myself, something the world was trying so hard to take away from me… You guys are the reason why I’m still here and I want to show you how happy I am and I want you to experience everything with me.”

Watch Jeydon‘s powerful and amazing video below:

Jeydon Wale Comes Out as Transgender
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  • Sara

    Did anyone actually think this person was a boy? It is very clearly a girl. So tired of people with a clear mental illness being celebrated in the media. You were not born in the wrong body, you have a mental illness that needs to be treated.

    • eternalozzie

      said like someone who knows very little about biology and human development.

      • anna.richard.92

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