'Outside Looking In' Singer Jordan Pruitt Dishes On New Holiday Music!

'Outside Looking In' Singer Jordan Pruitt Dishes On New Holiday Music!

You guy, we don’t think we can even convey through this post how excited we are about Jordan Pruitt‘s new holiday song.

Seriously, we can’t. WE. CAN. NOT. HANDLE. IT!

Jordan will always be one of our faves and the fact she is coming out with not just “Merry Christmas Baby” (so so so soon!) and more next year.

JJJ spoke to Jordan recently about her new music, married life, the holidays and so much more.

Check it:

JJJ: We are so excited about new music from you! What was the inspiration behind putting new stuff out?
Jordan Pruitt
: The inspiration behind “Merry Christmas Baby”, actually came from a very dear friend who passed away this year. She was obsessed with Christmas and I really wrote this song not only for her, but to keep her spirit alive through a song.

JJJ: When you look back on your past releases, which song, or what experiences with those jump out to you?
: I think I was most excited about “One Love” coming out. It was a really exciting time in my life personally and professionally and when I think back to performing that song at the Disney Channel Games, all I can think about is MAGIC.

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JJJ: A ton of fans will know you because of “No Ordinary Girl” and “Outside Looking In”. How has your sound developed and changed since then?
: I don’t actually know if I’ve changed or my sound has changed. (I am creating a 10 song Pop Album in the next few months.) Sometimes, I still have moments of feeling like I’m still on the outside looking in, as an adult.

I’ve definitely grown as a writer and artist, but as a person I am still that girl who loves, cares about people, tries her best, fails a lot, succeeds a little, and trying to make people smile.

JJJ: How do you think your fans and new listeners will like and identify with your new music?
: I try to write material for me. Coming from my point of view. Deeply personal stuff. So I think a lot of times that’s why in the past people have connected with my music, so in that aspect, nothing will ever change there!

JJJ: Which artists and songs are you into right now? Are there any who/which have inspired your own music?
: I am obsessed with Ellie Goulding. My god! From her haircut to her sound, she is a goddess! Like that accent too! I am from the south and should have some sort of accent… I got nothin’!

JJJ: Do you have any personal holiday traditions that you must do?
: I love to cook. The best part of the holidays are spending them with family and cooking with my Dad. There is nothing better than waking up on Christmas morning and making biscuits and gravy with my Dad (homemade I might add). [JJJ Note: YUM!]

JJJ: You also recently got married to musician Brian Fuente. How has married life been for you?
: Amazing! We’ve been married for a year and a half now and been together for four years! I love my husband so much and feel so lucky that I met my soulmate so early in life!

JJJ: Since you married, have you and your husband come up with any new traditions?
: I wouldn’t say we have any traditions yet. I think that will probably start happening once we have kids. Christmas for us is just special because we have each other to celebrate with right now!

JJJ: What is your hands-down, favorite holiday song ever?
: Hmm… I do not think I can just pick one!!!!!!!!!! All of them!!

JJJ: We noticed that you’ve actually been giving Skype voice lessons recently. How did you get into that and how are your students developing their own voice?
: It’s been amazing. I started my Skype Vocals by Jordan Pruitt three years ago. I have students from all over the world that I sing with on a daily basis! It’s so much fun for me to help others develop their sound with their songs. It’s very rewarding and I couldn’t feel any more blessed.

JJJ: Would you love us more if we told you we can still remember all the lyrics to “One Love”? [Obsessed still!]
: OMG. Love that.


Jordan‘s single “Merry Christmas Baby” will drop next month and def come back for a listen!

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