Bella Thorne Shuts Down Body Shamer Who Criticizes Her Weight

Bella Thorne Shuts Down Body Shamer Who Criticizes Her Weight

Bella Thorne doesn’t have time for your opinions on her body.

The 19-year-old Famous in Love star recently shut down someone trying to body shame her.

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“Just saw a picture of @bellathorne quick question… is she dying? From hunger I mean because wow I just want to spoon feed her son rice,” the person wrote.

Bella tweeted back, “Dogg I eat so much it’s redick. I just work out a lot and try and eat healthy but that doesn’t always work hahahahaha”

This isn’t the first time Bella‘s fired back at haters. Earlier this month, someone told her to shave her legs and she laughed that off too.

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  • j b

    She shouldn’t have got the boob job if she didn’t want people commenting on her body.

    • Emily ‘quiet’ Robinson

      What difference does that make?…. You get surgery, and that makes your body public property?… Besides, it wasn’t about her boobs, and Bella didn’t tell anyone to stop talking about her body. She actually joked back (seeing as how you didn’t read the article before commenting).

  • Gina

    Is this what you call shutting down body shamers? The minute you have to explain yourself to someone (like Bella did), you’ve already lost.

    • Mariajkoehler

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  • She is thin, but if you look, she’s got muscles. Definitely not dying or famished.

    • Emily ‘quiet’ Robinson

      I just saw a picture of her with no prominent muscle, and her ribs sticking out. But I don’t think that she’s dying either. It was just been a bad joke to say “PLEASE eat more. Do SOMETHING. Cause I’m actually worried about you.”

  • Emily ‘quiet’ Robinson

    Not really a “shut down”…. Just casually handling a question. “Shutting down” would be like preaching to them about the political ramifications of their words, and getting all self-righteous. Like responding with “There are unfortunate people, who are ACTUALLY dying of starvation every day, yet you’re choosing to worry about ME?….. Why don’t you go contribute to (insert hunger charity here), while I have your attention on the issue?”. But…. she just said “I eat a lot. I just try and exercise a lot too. Lol.”… Like….. Oh, forget it. Like my comment’s gonna stop you guys from making click-bait titles again.

  • Catherine Patrick

    Bella Throne has a great figure… I love her figure

  • Peter parker

    i think she is better then vidya

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