10 Instagram Accounts to Become Addicted to in 2017!

10 Instagram Accounts to Become Addicted to in 2017!

Technically, the holidays are over, so now what?

If you are as addicted to Instagram as we are, you know there are three trillion accounts to possibly follow, and you’re always looking for new inspo.

Lucky for you, we’ve curated a list of 10 people who are definitely worth a follow. They’ll make you laugh, think, drool… you know, all the good things in life.

From Dove Cameron‘s flawless selfies to Aidan Alexander‘s mix of mood and current events, there’s something here for everyone.

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A photo posted by ?DOVE? (@dovecameron) on

LOOK FOR: inexplicably flawless selfies, inspiring quotes, pics from her latest projects.
WHY FOLLOW?: Stalk her budding friendship with Ariana Grande and her ability to embody a literal ray of sunshine in every photo.

who says you can't wear sequins under your overalls

A photo posted by mwah ??? (@thisislennon) on

LOOK FOR: haunting songs, unlimited selfies
WHY FOLLOW?: Not only is her account a constant source for fashion inspo, but she also has a chillingly gorgeous rasp to her voice, and with Nashville returning, her star power can only grow.
Click inside to see 8 more accounts that should be on the tip of your tongue if they aren’t already…

LOOK FOR: activist posts, stunning designer ensembles
WHY FOLLOW?: Rowan is a leading voice for Gen. X, and using her account to promote feminism and to speak out about causes.

ROOM TOUR video up on my channel!!! ***LINK IN MY BIO***

A photo posted by Jenn McAllister (@jennxpenn) on

LOOK FOR: witty, irreverent captions, photo shoots
WHY FOLLOW?: There’s a reason she’s a successful Youtuber: she knows good content, and her photography doesn’t suck either.

my new Shipwrecked Collection comes out next week! #artbyvanni #shipwreckedcollection

A photo posted by Savannah (Vanni) Latimer (@savannah_latimer) on

LOOK FOR: extraordinary artwork, colorful photos, offbeat quotes.
WHY FOLLOW?: Savannah’s account features a flawless combination of pop culture references, beautiful photographs, relatable insight into her life, and inspiration to save the world.

we serving post shower looks

A photo posted by Jacob Whitesides (@jacobwhitesides) on

LOOK FOR: shower selfies, travel selfies, mirror selfies, cat selfies
WHY FOLLOW?: Jacob gets a spot on this list for one reason, and one reason only: He is the Selfie King.

LOOK FOR: Stunning photographs, pops of color, must-be-airbrushed-they’re-so-beautiful selfies
WHY FOLLOW?: This girl practically invented what it is to have an aesthetic, seamlessly finding bright, colorful backgrounds and setting up perfect shots.

May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way

A photo posted by @ryanbeatty on

LOOK FOR: unusual photographs, relatable captions
WHY FOLLOW?: His account is unusual, and definitely a good time, from photos of himself pretending to smoke a McDonald’s french fry to unusual neon signs he sees.

Back to work on #ElenaofAvalor! So lucky to lend my voice to such an empowering, inspiring, courageous lady-boss.

A photo posted by Aimee Carrero Rock (@aimeecarrero) on

LOOK FOR: political activism, stunning ensembles, some serious wanderlust photos
WHY FOLLOW?: She’s a rising celebrity who uses her platform for more than just pretty pictures, taking a stance on everything from this past election to Latina representation on TV. She’s also funny as heck.


A photo posted by Aidan Alexander (@aidanalexander) on

LOOK FOR?: shirtless photos, giant blue eyes, hang time with Brec Bassinger and Peyton List
WHY FOLLOW?: Aside from the serious selfie game, he’s got a serious, contemplative side. He also isn’t afraid to make fun of himself, which is a huge bonus.

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