16 Of The Biggest Social Media Stars Reflect on Their 2016 Success

Maddi Bragg

YouTube subscribers: 1.4 million
Twitter followers: 331K
Instagram followers: 1.1 million

Biggest success of 2016: “I got to go to both NY and London fashion week this year. I went to NY with Maybelline and London with Burberry. It was an amazing experience!”

Goals for 2017: “I want to keep uploading videos for my audience, post more, maybe come out with a fashion collaboration!”

Favorite rising social media star right now:Sydney Carlson!”

Best advice for someone looking to succeed in the social media space: “Be yourself!!! Don’t try to be someone else, it won’t last!”

Favorite all-time social media platform: “I love SnapChat and Instagram, honestly. SnapChat is so in the moment and doesn’t require much preparation, and my Instagram has a very specific theme which is different from my YouTube. Love them both!”

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