16 Of The Biggest Social Media Stars Reflect on Their 2016 Success

Jacob Sartorius

YouTube subscribers: 1.9 million
Twitter followers: 1 million
Instagram followers: 6.8 million

Biggest success of 2016: “I’m so thankful that my fans have really enjoyed all of the music I have put out in 2016. From being on the cover of Billboard, to announcing The Last Text EP, 2016 was really a great year and I think 2017 will be even better. I’m really excited to be sharing five new original songs and a remix with my fans in 2017 as part of The Last Text EP. The new tracks include “The Last Text,” “By Your Side,” “Bingo,” “Love Me Back,” “Jordans,” and “Sweatshirt (Remix)”. I can’t wait for all my fans to hear the new music!”

Goals for 2017: “My biggest goal for 2017 is to continue to work on my music career and put on the sickest show possible for my upcoming world tour. I’m really excited to see where this music stuff takes me.”

Favorite rising social media star right now: “I think social media has so many different kinds of people, I couldn’t pick one. Everybody’s so different, so many great people.”

Best advice for someone looking to succeed in the social media space: “My biggest piece of advice is to always be true to yourself and don’t try to be someone you’re not. I feel like it’s about the connection with the fans.”

Favorite all-time social media platform: “I would say Snapchat or Instagram because I am able to show a little bit of my crazy life. It’s a super great way to connect with my fans.”

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