Fans Defend & Call Out 'Shadowhunters' Emeraude Toubia For Wearing Braids in Thailand

Fans Defend & Call Out 'Shadowhunters' Emeraude Toubia For Wearing Braids in Thailand

Emeraude Toubia is the latest celeb to find herself in a cultural appropriation battle.

During her vacation in Thailand with boyfriend Prince Royce, the Shadowhunters starlet shared a few images of her with her hair in full braids (so did Prince Royce too).

Some of her fans praised her for the look and told her so in the comments, others didn’t agree one bit that she should be wearing the braids at all.

While JJJ doesn’t like any bit of cultural appropriation at all and doesn’t condone it, we can tell you that the hair braiding is a touristy thing to do there. Even some of the shopkeepers there sport the braids in their own hair.

No matter though, cultural appropriation is a no-no. Did Emeraude mean it as that? Probably not.

See what her fans are saying to defend her inside…

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  • Mari Ramos

    Probably not? Of course she didn’t mean it

  • Archie

    Cultural appropriation is straight up wrong. White folk must stop stealing black folk culture. The purity of our cultures are at stake.

  • CT

    Braiding hair is “cultural appropriation” now??? Ffs. The world is way too PC now it’s pathetic.

  • Leslye Brown

    So when I join my Indian friends for Diwali and their 89 year old grandma sticks a bindi on my forehead, I am going to get accused of appropriation? Too far

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  • Matt Boccia

    Does everyone realize that Emeraude is Latina? If Emeraude was white, that is a different story. But she isn’t. She is a mix of Lebanese and Mexican. Why is this even an issue?

  • Dannie

    I’m black and I approve of this. French braiding hair is not culture appropriation. The black or African community weren’t the first to braid their hair. I’m tired of this crap. And isn’t she Hispanic?? I need proof of these people that went off on her because without proof, I’m just going to think either the article writer or social media made this controversy up to start some stuff

  • DeVon Martin

    This is stupid. Hair braiding is done in many places around the world. It’s not a black folks only thing. Early European culture did it, Vikings did it, native Americans did.