Fans Write Touching Notes to 'Girl Meets World' Cast After Cancellation

Fans Write Touching Notes to 'Girl Meets World' Cast After Cancellation

However much the Girl Meets World cast is hurting right now about their show being cancelled, the fans are feeling it more.

Before and after stars Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter penned touching notes about leaving the show behind, fans came out in droves telling both of them how much the show meant to them personally.

pm.fandomx writes, “I would like thank the GMW cast and writers for making my childhood ending great. Honestly I love this show and I’m really upset that’s it’s ending.”

“I finally got to see a group of actors and actresses grow up with me. I never watch people act that are relatively close in age with me. I’m grateful for Girl Meets World because as I’m getting older I can finally watch some thing that relates to me. Thank you guys for much. I hope great things come in the future for guys.”

Another, named brinas.evolution adds, “Thank you so much to all of the cast for bringing all of the characters to life and for helping me through so much. I will never forget this show and will forever love it. Thank you Sabrina for playing Maya and bringing her to life, I’ve related to Maya so much ever since the show first started and am forever grateful for that.”

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wiltedroses__: I’m absolutely saddened by the news of Disney canceling girl meets world . girl meets world has helped me through so much that was going on in my life in the past . this show impacted my life in a positive way and I couldn’t be more thankful. im grateful to Rowan, Corey, Sabrina, Peyton, Amir, Ceci, and Michael Jacobs for being apart of this greatly appreciated show . i will miss all the inspirational lessons that were taught and hopefully it’s legacy will continue on and this show will not be forgotten. I’ve learned so much due to this show and I feel much more educated than I did 3 years ago. i love everyone apart of this extraordinary show .

morotiaanddonnie: I can’t put into words how much I need this show to be picked up by another station. This show is a blessing in so many ways. It was so nice to see someone so similar to myself as one of the main characters in one of my favorite shows. I relate to Riley on such a personal level it’s kinda crazy. Please, Freeform, Netflix, anyone… pick up GMW #savegmw

litchfieldabby: Girl meets world. What a wonderful show. What a wonderful spin off of boy meets world. Most importantly tho what a wonderful world it has created. I’m very much a child at heart, I still watch Disney channel anytime I can, I love playing games, I love running around and swinging on swings. And because of all these childish ambitions I possess, it has lead me to fall in love with both the fictional world of boy meets world, and the fictional world of girl meets world. I wasn’t quite old enough to feel any pain when boy meets world ended, because I started watching it long after it Ended, however I am old enough to feel both pained and overjoyed for the ending of the show girl meets world. To hear that it Is coming to an end due to the fact that Disney channel just wasn’t willing to air another season broke my heart, however to see the heart and soul that has been put into this show and to see and hear about all the adventures and bonding the cast has experienced makes me overjoyed and makes me happy because I know that this show has left a legacy on many, including me, and I know the cast members will continue in life with an amazing head on their shoulders and an overpowering confidence, and I know they all have many more adventures ahead of them. I value this show because it has taught so many life lessons and has built a family both within its cast and within its fandom. I will forever respect every cast member, director, editorial person, set person, hair makeup and costume person, and so forth that was involved in both of these amazing shows. I am so grateful to grow up in the same generation as rowan and many of the cast members and I will forever be grateful for both these shows even tho they are now both at their ends. Much love for everyone within this fandom, may we forever be a family ????
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fullerbfw: Girl meets world. A show I was aware of since I was ten. You don’t even know how excited I was for the premiere of this show for like three months. Then, when the first episode was over it was June and it said ‘begins august 5′ I was so anxious waiting. When it finally came out, I laughed so freaking hard. Idk if girl meets father is the episode right after the pilot for y’all but it is for me. Anyway, it took another break after a few episodes. I was annoyed asf, I wanted more. And that’s what I have now.. more… but not enough. A whole season was waisted on a love triangle and I hate love triangles now. Rucas or Lucaya, I don’t give a care. I was just really hoping for more. May your lessons and love carry on, beloved gmw;((

(the following were found in the comments sections on Sabrina and Rowan’s posts)

ohsnapitzsara: I’m so incredibly sad that this show is ending. Even at the age of 20 (almost 21) this show and your entire cast have changed my mindset and my hope for the world and my life overall. I’m so so heartbroken that the world and this generation especially are losing such a prominent show with a much-needed perspective of love, hope, diversity, acceptance, friendship & family, identity, and remembering you are not alone nor broken, so long as you stay true to yourself (and embrace that) and keep the people who matter most close to you. Thank you Rowan and to your writers for Riley, and for changing my world. @rowanblanchard

johnanthonymoreno03: We will always love the show and we will continue its legacy for future generations. I can’t wait to see what other things you do @rowanblanchard just know we’ll always be there to support you and the crew. Girl Meets World Forever #girlmeetsworldforever

hilafishman: Thank you for changing my life and for giving me the most amazing friendship I could have ever asked for. I can’t explain the excitement I had every week to learn something new from you and the incredible world you all created. You, Riley and the entire show has inspired me and influenced me in so many ways and I’ll forever be greatful for that. You did an amazing job. Thank you for everything

mitch.diaz11: There is no comparing Girl Meets World to any other show on tv right. This is the only kids show out there right now that if i had kids i would let my kids watch. Because it teachs life lessons and all other shows are based on dumb shenanigans and fart jokes. Compared to the shows i grew up with Girl Meets World definitely is on the same level but none of the other shows nowadays are even close. So @DisneyChannel Screw your damn head on straight and stop cancelling all the good shows and replacing them with other crap. Cancel the dumbs and replace them with more shows like Girl Meets World. It breaks my heart to see a show that would makes kids futures good get cancelled.

beassimoes: I just can’t believe, you all made me really really happy, I was so sad before I started to watch this show, I was so into this show, this is the worst news ever. I love you all so so much,keep doing great things, till one day maybe

tscimone88: Between you and Rowan, I don’t know how I’ll ever stop crying. Girl Meets World changed my life. I never thought that, as a 24-year-old, a “Disney show” could have that kind of an impact on me, but it did. Thank you for bringing Maya to life. Her friendship with Riley filled a void in my life when I needed it most. I’ve lost a lot of friends in the past year, and seeing their friendship (and your friendship with Rowan off-screen) gave me hope that one day I’ll find my Riley. Your music also came into my life during this time. I found Middle of Starting Over just as I was leaving grad school after the first year and was feeling kind of lost as to what to do next. We are still fighting for more Girl Meets World on another network. But if that fails as it did with Disney, I look forward to seeing whatever you do next. Maya and Riley live on in you and Rowan and all of us. And I know your music will continue to inspire me and get me through whatever tough times lie ahead. Right now, it’s Shadows doing the trick. Thank you for everything @sabrinacarpenter ! Love you and all you do! Hope I get to meet you some day!

x_ice_x_cream_x_dreams_x: Thank you for so many things. People truly do change people & I am better for having known such a wonderful cast of characters. 3 seasons of laughing, crying, being angry, and questioning who I am while finding my place in the world

maria.eduarda432: Okay. Thank you Brini, thank you Maya Riley Lucas Farkle For me to believe that nothing is impossible, you participated in my life since 2014 that now says goodbye in 2017 you grew up. But in each episode that I saw I cried I moved and smile I just have to thank you. I’ll miss you Maya Riley Lucas Farkle Zay Smackle Lord and Mrs. Mathews Eva auggie and Josh I love you all

landrymh17: Sabrina, you have changed my life! You are the reason I became best friends with my best friend. You are the reason that I still watch disney channel, because now I’m considered too old for it. I cried with Riley and Maya, and I will cry with you again. Goodbye girl meets world, there is nothing that will change me more than this did

myra_rosie: Sabrina I’m crying. This show, you, @rowanblanchard are inspirations to me. I look up to you. I’m so sad to hear this show is ending. It helped me through so much. Thick and thin. Ups and downs. This show is my favorite thing in the world and it always will be. I’ll miss seeing you almost every Friday. You are such an inspiration to me and I hope to see you again in my tv screen soon. Much love

biggestrowboat: I’m a Brazilian fan and one of the biggest fans… And I’m so sad with it and I’m speechless cuz it is the best show and I’ll miss a lot of it! I hope you and the set stay good and I hope all your dreams become true! I love you Sabrina and all of the cast! You were a family and I love this family! Thank you for everything! Thanks to all the cast for everything! Thank you MJ for all you did with GMW and BMW too! And Disney I love your shows and movies and anything but you is being an idiot and I never will understand it…. I don’t believe… But like you said with this pic, the better is coming, God is preparing the better for all of us guys. Peace and stay with God… XOXO

stephandchewy: Im 30 years old, but I grew up watching Boy Meets World and then Girl Meets World comes on and Im instantly in love with it. This show taught life lessons that I know has helped the younger generation who watch this show. My heart belongs to this show and y’all had so much more to give! Beautiful show, I’ll love it forever just like everyone will always love BMW

fc: 524 – I was so afraid that this day would come, and everyone would go crazy, some disappointed and some angry. Honestly? I'm disappointed. But whatever's done is done. – I was so touched by @rowanblanchard 's note. I'm so glad to see that they've made such wonderful memories and I'm pretty sure they're make so much more even without the show. Honestly, like Rowan, I've learnt so much from gmw, and I'll always bring these lessons along with me as I live life. The show may be over, but the more disappointed I was to see gmw accounts leaving? Doesn't it just show @disneychannel that we just quit fighting? I'm super disappointed and I was in a super terrible mood the moment I heard the news. Wasn't it kind of dumb? I mean, we were fighting, then they cancel the show. Oh, right. So they get like thousands of hate comments now. So what was the point in the first place? If @disneychannel could renew Liv and Maddie, why can't you do that for gmw? I swear, our fandom is the hugest and you were blind not to see that, sorry. – thank you to the writers for being such amazing scriptwriters and michael jordan for creating this show. I know we complain a lot about ships, but we're truly thankful for everything. – Thank you to the cast @rowanblanchard @sabrinacarpenter @coreyfogelmanis @peytonmeyer @bensavage @daniellefishel @augustmaturo @lindseylamerofficial @ivyrosegeorge @cheryl.texiera @dbmcn @avakolker_ @cecibalagot_ @just_still @saricarpenter many more, for literally everything. Thank you for creating this show and giving us such a great and amazing one. Many of us actually need this show, and your amazing acting and all, they really gave us what we needed. Thank you for everything. We're all disappointed, but we won't stop supporting you. ?? – #qotd: how are y'all now?? #aotd: upset that disney can't see how great a show gmw is. but thankful for the cast.

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I couldn't not post it. This is such an incredible message, Rowan. We all can't believe what is happening. Thank you for everything to this amazing cast. Amazing. I hope you'll never forget each other and will always support. Thank you to the cast for giving us so many wonderful moments to remember forever. Thank you to the show for all lessons. What a great show. As Rowan said, don't stop watching it. Thank you to the show and to the cast for showing that true love and friendship exist. Thank you to Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle, Zay, Auggie, Cory, Topanga for learning us so much. Thank you for giving so many good emotions and thank you for making me smile and laugh in every single episode. Same to the cast. You gave me so many good emotions either, I'm so thankful. Thank you for learning us to be strong, brave, powerful, loving and caring. And never settle for anyone less than Farkle. "People change people." That's true. You changed me in a very good way. I'm still happy and don't regret I started watching this show. I've got so many experience and good unforgettable lessons from you. I've met such great actors. I will follow and support the whole cast, because you deserve the amount number of such people. I'm happy to be a part of this fandom, and I'm not ready to say goodbye. I wish good luck to everyone here – to people who loves this show and to the cast. Stay strong. Maybe it's not the end, and there will fight for us. Thank you for everything, amazing people, I'll never forget. Disney, I'll never forgive. #girlmeetsworld #savegmw #disney #gmw @freeform #movegmwtofreeform #gmwseason4 #gmwseason4weneedmore

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