'Switched At Birth's Vanessa Marano Recalls Her First Impression of 'Swister' Katie Leclerc

'Switched At Birth's Vanessa Marano Recalls Her First Impression of 'Swister' Katie Leclerc

If you’ve been following Switched at Birth and its’ cast since the start, then you know that stars Vanessa Marano and Katie Leclerc are insanely close.

So close, that in event of a zombie apocalypse, Vanessa would be with Katie over everyone else: “I know the one who’s going to survive is Katie. Katie is very prepared for a zombie apocalypse.”

JJJ spoke with Vanessa about bonding with the cast during the first season of the hit Freeform show, and she did us a solid, remembering her first impression of just about everyone!

“We all get along really well. I have a very specific memory of us shooting in the Kennish house and it wasn’t a set yet,” Vanessa recalls. “It was a real house we were shooting in we had to be upstairs in the attic, which was our ‘holding area’.”

“The first thing [I remember] was Katie teaching us all a dirty sign. That was our first bonding experience (laughs).”

She continues, “I remember Constance [Marie], D.W. [Moffett] and Lea [Thompson] all trading stories about Jimmy Burrows, the director because they had all worked with him before that. We all just got along so well.”

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Vanessa added about on-screen bro Lucas Grabeel: “[He] and I have a very similar sense of humor and we started cracking jokes right off the bat. I have such a specific memory of us all just being kind of stuck in this room waiting to shoot and it didn’t feel like we were ‘stuck’, but we were stuck in this room. We all just got along really, really well.”

“Five years later, we all still get along really well which is amazing. Who would’ve thought, because usually it’s the opposite. When you meet people on a show, usually the show’s that get picked up are the ones where the cast hates each other and the ones who get along, the shows never make it. ”

When we brought up the fact that she and real sister Laura got insanely lucky with getting along with both of their casts, Vanessa couldn’t agree more.

“In what crazy world does it work out that both Laura and I both got on shows where we liked everyone at the same time?” she asked. “It was so crazy and random. Laura and I have gone through 10 years of not working at the same time. It would be her in school and me working or the other way around and thankfully, that worked out for my mom so she didn’t have to drive us to two separate sets.

“But then I got my license and both of us started working at the same time. But it was still crazy that we both got on these shows that everyone got along and both of them stayed on the air for a long time [with SAB still going]. We were just really, really lucky.”

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