David Henrie Shares His Romantic Proposal Story with Fiancee Maria Cahill

David Henrie Shares His Romantic Proposal Story with Fiancee Maria Cahill

David Henrie is officially the most romantic person on this planet!

Just after announcing his engagement to former Miss Delaware and teacher Maria Cahill, the actor and filmmaker told Blog De Los Angeles about the proposal he had planned for her.

“It was a BIG thing. I wanted to do something really special, something that would make everything pale in comparison to our entire relationship so far,” David shared. “Something we could look back on and that we both think, ‘WOW, that was amazing, right?’”

He adds, “I wanted it to be a big surprise, something she would never see coming… So here were the hurdles I had to face: it involved a private helicopter, going off to an island, bringing her to a very special church… It also involved getting her whole family from Delaware flown out, and most important: it all needed to be a complete surprise.”

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“Step one. Since I had recently shot something in Catalina Island, she knew I had charted out a private helicopter to this island three weeks before the day I was planning to propose. The day after the helicopter, I texted her and a few more friends and I said: “Guys, guess what, I got the helicopter again! They gave it to me for an extra day! Let’s use it! I could pick this day or that day!”… Obviously, I had asked all my friends to play along… Maria wrote back right away: “Oh, no, I can’t go because I have school…”! So I called the school and I hired her substitute teacher and paid her twice as much as she would have got paid to teach the day we needed to get Maria out! That was the first hurdle.

“Next step was booking the helicopter to fly to Catalina to have a day of fun just with her, and then flying back to the church, the mission at San Juan Capistrano where I wanted to propose. So I asked a friend of us to text her, asking her: “Hey! We are going to see this beautiful place, a landmark, this historical mission in San Juan Capistrano, you guys want to come?” She said, “That sounds great, but I have school!” At that point, she still didn’t know about her substitute teacher… But at least, both seeds where planted now in her head on that day: the helicopter to the island and the visit to the mission. As the day is approaching, I’m convincing her more and more, take school off, take school off! … Finally, she is willing to do it.

“So now the day has come! Last thing left for me to do at this point, is to get the family that was coming with us out of the way… It is 6 am, and I know she is driving to my house, so I call her and say: “Hey, mmm, shoot!… Are you on your way already?… Oh well, that’s ok then, just keep coming, I will figure something out, just keep coming…” When she gets to my house, I said sadly: “Guess what, our friends can’t come, one of their kids is sick and they can’t make it, I’m sorry”… She said, “Well, that’s ok, we can still go, right?” I’m thinking to myself, Of course we are going! I have all of this thing planned out LOL, BUT I just said, “I guess so! We will go then”.

“We flew to the island, we had the most amazing day: a beautiful lunch on the water, fly-boarding over the water together, where you fly really high over the ocean… It was simply an amazingly perfect day. Then I said: “Look! It seems our friends’ kid is getting better, they are going to see the mission, should we go?” Unbeknown to her, a few of my friends are there setting up, clearing off the chapel, clearing out all the way for me so I can get inside the church and do the proposal… So we get going to San Juan Capistrano!

“Once we are there, I’m restlessly texting back and forth with my friends but suddenly my phone zaps out, completely zaps out! At this point I have no idea that there is a tourist bus with four hundred people visiting the church, all crowding the chapel. My friends are going crazy texting me, don´t come, don’t come, and then it is clear, it is clear! Maria is buying something at the gift shop and I’m stalled, because I can’t get a hold of these guys… Finally, the phone works again and I call my friend. Since I was next to her, I was obviously trying to sound ambiguous: “Hey guys, are you already there?” My friend says: “Come! Come here NOW! It´s clear! Come right away, NOW, immediately, run!” And I pretend they are late: “ok, oh, no problem, we will see you later then”… Just playing it cool. At the end of the line you can here: RUN, IT IS CLEAR NOW, NOW OR NEVER!”

“I hung up and Maria had all these things in her hands that she is about to pay for, but I make her drop everything, I grab her wrist and say, we have to go now… I run with her to the chapel and the minute we were there, my heart started BEATING OUT OF MY CHEST, literally exploding out of my chest… The day went so smooth, so perfect, so easy that I almost forgot that I was proposing! And at that second, ALL HIT ME, like a brick, my hands started shaking… She had given me the previous year a very nice gift for my birthday. It was a picture in an envelope. In the envelope, she wrote a note on the outside that read, “your 26th Birthday could be the best day of your life but this was mine”… And inside the envelope was the drawing of her and I when we finally met in New York for the first time, so sweet. (One of our friends sharing our table gave it to her as a present and she gave it to me) … So I used the same envelope and put a big arrow in the back and wrote: You told me what the best day of your life was, now let me tell you about mine. She opened the envelope and my note was written at the back of the picture, my proposal letter. It described all the beautiful things about our relationship that led us to the happiest day of my life, October 7th of 2016, the day I get to propose to you…

“She started sobbing. I had seen her crying in a video when she won Miss Delaware and it didn’t look like a happy cry, it was more “a punch in the gut” type of crying… She started crying like that! Thank God I had seen that video, otherwise I would have thought she was saying no, hahaha.”

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