'Jane the Virgin' Spoiler: A Major Character is Killed Off the Show!

'Jane the Virgin' Spoiler: A Major Character is Killed Off the Show!


There was a devastating turn of events in tonight’s Jane the Virgin.

In a totally shocking move, one of our favorite characters is gone for good. Even worse, it came at the most unexpected time.

Foreshadowing this character was going to die happened in both season 1 and season 2, but most fans thought it was a cruel tease.

Turns out, the show’s creator knew the whole time! “I knew it was going to be a difficult move in the series,” creator Jennie Snyder Urman told The Hollywood Reporter.

Click inside to see who died and why the show decided to go through with it…

It’s Michael, played by Brett Dier!

We can’t believe it.

Michael died moments after taking the LSAT, caused by an aortic dissection by his gunshot wound.

Though Michael’s death was always part of the larger story line, the show’s creators didn’t necessarily know when it was going to happen.

They even prolonged his death because Michael’s chemistry with Jane, played by Gina Rodriguez, was so amazing.

“It was always just part of the larger arc. I see the show as one whole long story and this is always what would happen around the midpoint,” Jennie explains. “We kind of pushed and pulled with when it would happen and we pushed till later because Brett is just so magical and he and Gina are just so magical together.”

Aww, so extra sad!

The end was not only heart-wrenching for fans, it was a gut punch to Brett and Gina.

Brett even did the sweetest thing once he finished filming his last scene.

Brett actually sent Gina a voicemail on her phone that she could listen as Michael just telling her how much he loved her and that he was going to see her soon and she listened to that right before that [last] performance,” Jennie explained.

Guess this opens the door to a possible romance with Rafael again.

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