'Reign' Season Four Premiere Recap: Who Died & Who Survived?

'Reign' Season Four Premiere Recap: Who Died & Who Survived?

Season four of Reign kicked off with two deaths and a funeral — and Mary being the badass queen we all knew she could be.

To start things off, Mary was kidnapped after being drugged at Lola’s funeral. Wait, drugged by holy water?

When she comes to, she finds herself in the custody of the Earl of Clan Gordon. He tells her that she’ll want to have the protection of a Catholic clan and in order to gain that protection, he wants her to marry his son, George.

Um…yea right.

To find out what else went down on Reign’s season premiere, click inside…

– Queen Elizabeth, still looking to claim her that the throne is hers and hers alone, is on a path to stop Mary’s campaign for England forever. When she hears rumors that Mary is looking to marry Lord Darnley, she basically foils a plot to kidnap him.

– However, one of the men she sends to find Darnley is Gideon, who will never not stand by Mary’s side. Instead of seeking Darnley, he goes to Narcisse.

– Narcisse and Gideon find out that John’s nanny was the one who had all the cards when it came to Lola’s assassination, as she knew it was John Knox who planted all the rumors around. Renee, the nanny, gets two arrows in her back and dies before the guys could take her back to the Queen.

– But then again, Elizabeth doesn’t care. She doesn’t want to go after Knox, and points out that she and Mary will always be rivals: two queens, one throne.

– Obviously, Mary is a badass and can free her own self and she does — taking out one of the clan’s guards with an ax in the process. Yes, Mary!

– After escaping, Mary runs into her half-bro James, and calls him out on him playing all sides, telling him to choose. He chooses her. Such a good brother. However, upon her orders, he kills the Earl who kidnapped her, and spares the rest of the clans lives.

– Elizabeth frees Narcisse and John, after finding out that Knox was behind the assassination attempt. They return to France.

– Speaking of France, Claude is just having the worst time after Leith’s death (is he really, though?), and on top of that, her sister Leesa – who is somehow the Queen of Spain (very historically inaccurate) – was arranging for Claude to marry Martel de Guise! Um, Martel’s men were behind Leith’s murder! That’s a NO!

– And the saddest moment of the episode, and the most touching: Lola’s funeral. “Lola Fleming Narcisse was a mother and a wife. She was my lady and my dear, dear friend. She shall never be forgot,” Mary says, bidding her goodbye

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