The Official Kiss List: Our 8 Favorite TV Smooches -- Ranked

The Official Kiss List: Our 8 Favorite TV Smooches -- Ranked

Remember that first explosive Aria-and-Ezra kiss in Pretty Little Liars that shook the world (or at least ours!)?

There are so many iconic TV couples that we had to rank our favorite kisses! From The Vampire Diaries to Girl Meets World and vintage >Friends, we revisited all of our old favorites to compile an official Kiss List.

8. Riley and Lucas, Girl Meets World

This moment took such a long time coming that Riley and Lucas’ first kiss — short, sweet, innocent — was as satisfying as any, and especially appropriate as it took place where they first met — on the subway.

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7. Austin and Ally, Austin & Ally

Since day one, we’ve been shipping Austin and Ally, and so their first kiss, immediately following a romantic duet, was both unexpected and completely expectation-defying, even though Austin was a bit entangled in another relationship.

6. Maddie and Diggie, Liv and Maddie

This moment built for such a long time, and we totally applaud Liv for physically tackling someone at the dance to make sure her twin got her kiss.

5. Haley and Andy, Modern Family

These two cannot take their hands off each other, despite Andy’s engagement. “Maybe it’s the house,” Haley offers. Oh, kids.

4. Aria and Ezra, Pretty Little Liars

Cue all of the feels!! Watch Aria’s face light up as Ezra proposes to her, and the best kiss of all time ensues.

3. Ross and Rachel, Friends

Little known fact: the “I got off the plane” kiss is actually the second-best kiss on this series. The best one is this kiss, in which Ross and Rachel get in a screaming fight in the Central Perk when she confesses her love for him, but then Ross comes back to (kiss and) make up.

2. Lorelai and Luke, Gilmore Girls

This moment was so, so, so many seasons coming for long-time viewers! When Luke finally kisses Lorelai, hearts all over the world melt. “Will you just stand still?”

1. Caroline and Matt, The Vampire Diaries

Okay, we know that Caroline is supposed to be with Klaus, Still, this kiss following Caroline literally serenading Matt in a crowded bar is cheesy and over-the-top and totally sweet and we watch it on Youtube like once a day.

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