Cole Sprouse Doesn't Mind Tampering With 'Riverdale's Origin Story

Cole Sprouse Doesn't Mind Tampering With 'Riverdale's Origin Story

Cole Sprouse is open to every new experience that comes his way.

The Riverdale actor opened up in his latest interview with The Last magazine about ripping apart Riverdale’s original Archie story, how it didn’t sit well with him for a while before accepting it as a whole.

“When I first heard the abstract, it kind of put a sour taste in my mouth,” he revealed, talking about the script he was given. “I come from a comic background—I worked at a comic shop—and when you hear about a dark and gritty take on an otherwise beloved franchise, that’s all the wrong buzzwords for the right project.”

“Nothing really dubious happens in the original Archie Digests, but as I started to do more research, I realized the universe of Archie is really wide open,” Cole added, citing more background into the canon stories. “The Punisher comes to Archie, Archie dies when he gets shot trying to protect his friend, and in the new comics, zombies come to Archie. So it seemed like the road had been paved for a while for something like this.”

Cole shared more about the comparisons with the show and what’s going on in politics right now.

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“We live in a society right now that’s obsessed with this golden-age America mentality,” he explains. “Trump’s whole campaign was built around ‘Make America Great Again,’ which essentially is a play towards the same era that Archie arose out of that is this golden, perfect world.”

Cole continues, “I don’t mind how we may be tampering with this idea of a golden age because of my personal political stance. I don’t think that ‘everything is perfect and jolly’ is a perspective that makes any sense. Our society is either primed perfectly for a more contemporary view of this classic American property or they’re going to rebel against it. It’s the same political division within our society right now.”

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