Who Was Miss Grundy on 'Riverdale'? Fans Didn't Like The Way That Storyline Ended

Who Was Miss Grundy on 'Riverdale'? Fans Didn't Like The Way That Storyline Ended

Riverdale closed their first storyline last night with writing Miss Grundy out of the picture.

After doing a little digging (emphasis on little), Betty revealed to Archie that Miss Grundy really wasn’t Miss Grundy at all, but a woman named Jennifer Gibson, who apparently likes to prey on much younger boys. She says that she was running away from an abusive relationship…but we need actual facts to believe that.

Archie did break things off with her, but as soon as she drove off at the end of the episode, she was already eyeing other guys half her age.

Riverdale isn’t the first show to have a student-teacher relationship (Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl spring to mind instantly), and it will hardly be the last — however, it was the way the story ended that has fans all riled up.

“Fight me if you want but that was a Bad way to resolve this episode,” one user wrote on Tumblr. “They let a pedophile walk free. It was bad. And they’re prob gonna leave it peen so they can bring her back later and I hate her. Her being a victim of abuse does not make what she did acceptable. She’s a pedophile. I hate her.”

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  • DougW

    They also forced the possible murderer to leave town without doing ballistics tests on her gun.
    Also, a pedophile is someone who is attracted to children (13 and under). Grundy is not a pedophile.

  • bolok

    i am alarmed at people’s comments about this storyline. as far as i am aware the characters seem to be around 16/17 mark which would not make miss grundy a paedophile [someone who is attracted to PRE-PUBESCENT CHILDREN] what she did was obviously ethically and professionally questionable, which helps drive the forbidden romance angle, but i thought personally that they had a touching relationship [and hate madchen amick's character completely] I would say that not enough work has been done to suggest that she is a potential murderer at this point even if that is what they are going for.

  • Meg McLaughlin

    “the term pedophilia is commonly used by the general public to refer to any sexual interest in minors below the legal age of consent, regardless of their level of physical or mental development.” – from the ephebophilia Wikipedia page.

    Archie is not old enough to consent in any US state (16-18 by state to my knowledge), and even with some wiggle room for being close in age, teachers and authority figures are generally held to a different standard legally or by school policy.

    Eff this trope. Abuse is not sexy.