The Top 10 Disney Channel Movies -- Ranked!

The Top 10 Disney Channel Movies -- Ranked!

Let’s be real: Disney Channel Original movies are and always will be the BEST. They often have the best casts (hello, Dove Cameron, Sabrina Carpenter, Hilary Duff…), the most infectious songs, and, if we’re lucky, a choreographed dance number that we end up teaching ourselves.

While we ranked our top ten, we would like to throw out some honorable mentions to Get a Clue, The Even Stevens Movie, Smart House, Twitches and Adventures in Babysitting.

Click inside and let us know if your favorite made the cut!

10. Pixel Perfect

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Score: 6/10 for oddball plot, throwback choreography, an undervalued singer and some seriously ahead-of-its-time critique of technology in our society.

9. Princess Protection Program

Score: 6/10 for friendship goals, amusing plot set-up and more friendship goals.

8. Descendants

Score: 7/10 for sheer magic value, Dove Cameron in a villain’s role, Enchanted-esque love story and personal growth.

7. Halloweentown

Score: 7/10
for holiday spirit, Debbie Reynolds (RIP you talented goddess), higher-than-usual levels of creepiness.

6. Cadet Kelly

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Score: 7/10 for the mere presence of Hilary Duff, ’90s nostalgia, impressive character growth and the final BREAKDANCING scene at drill team

5. Camp Rock

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Score: 8/10 for seriously good music, the celebrity-falls-for-normal-girl fantasy, Demi Lovato‘s pipes and its “be-true-to-yourself” theme.

4. The Cheetah Girls

Score: 8/10 for most sass, epic one-liners, girl power, zany outfits and achieving all of our secret dream.

3. Wish Upon a Star

Score: 9/10 for most wholesome message, sisterhood, some unreal quotes and its role as a Freaky Friday predecessor.

2. High School Musical

Score: 10/10 for most enduring songs, best chemistry, New Year’s Eve #goals and Zac Efron

1. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

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Score: 10/10 for best catchphrase, most creative plot, best costumes and epic amounts of girl power.

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  • This is a joke. Frenemies was better than all of these.

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  • Sarah

    Wish upon a star wasn’t a disney movie so I’m gonna replace that with teen beach movie or any other movie

  • venusNcold

    what a joke

>>>>>>> staging1