Clary & Simon Finally Kiss on 'Shadowhunters' - Fans React to #Climon!

Clary & Simon Finally Kiss on 'Shadowhunters' - Fans React to #Climon!

We have to talk about that major kiss from last night’s Shadowhunters.

Longtime BFFs Clary (Katherine McNamara) and Simon (Alberto Rosende) finally took their friendship to the next level after he confessed his love for her.

“I love the way that they’ve built their love story because Clary and Simon have grown up together and they know each other better than they know themselves, and now they’re both a part of this new world and beginning to find their way,” Kat told EW. “They’re both changing. Clary is growing up. She’s beginning to fight her own battles; she’s maturing. And Simon is as well. Simon’s no longer the nerdy guy that we saw in episode 1. He’s becoming a vampire; he’s owning his powers; he’s starting to have a lot more confidence. And Clary is seeing this change in him…They say all things happen for a reason, and Clary and Simon are a result of that natural progression.”

“For Simon, that’s always been one of his dreams,” Alberto said. “There was a moment at the end of episode 13 of season 1 where Simon says to Clary, ‘I love you.’ They’d just captured Hodge. That was where the spark kind of happened. She said it back but it wasn’t as solidified as a ‘friendship love’ as it had been. That was the first time that it might’ve been something more.”

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the #Climon kiss? Check out some fan reactions below!

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  • samia jamil

    Most of these tweets summed up my thoughts about today’s epi. Climon kiss initiated by clary was the biggest wtf moment i have had in a long time. Since when has clary had romantic feelings for simon?

    • cifaf
    • Khazija

      This article is biased and there were supportive tweets about Climon that they are not showing.

      Nothing wtf about it. Clary has shown signs of attraction to Simon since season 1. She looks at Alberto differently and more tenderly than she does with Dom. Re-watch season 1 and that is evident. The romantic buildup for Climon developed for years.
      Clary is just as obsessed with Simon as she is with Jace on the show. Don’t lecture me about the books, I read the books but the show is not going to be exactly the same.

  • ningirsu enlil

    Relationships nowadays has become a joke, like Kat goes out with Matt,Will Tudor,Kisses Dom,Alberto ,So nothing last forever ,only for the moment.

  • Khazija

    There is this hate bandwagon that this fandom has launched against Climon which is out of control considering the other non-canon endgame ships did not deal with this. Climon is a great ship with great chemistry. People are afraid to express their love for the ship on twitter due to the insane bullying mentality. Not everything should be set in stone from the books, no other tv series operates that way.

>>>>>>> staging1