Who Is Jake Paul? Learn 5 Fast Facts About the Social Star & Actor

Who Is Jake Paul? Learn 5 Fast Facts About the Social Star & Actor

We’re still scratching our heads over what happened between Jake Paul and now ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet.

We don’t know what it all means — we mean, is she still part of Team 10 since getting kicked out of the house?

You may or may have not heard about Jake, the mega popular social star, the first ever to be a regular on a sitcom.

We’re betting that you know his name, but not who he is, which is why JJJ gathered up 5 Fast Facts about him.

Here’s what you need to know about Jake:

  • Jake is the younger brother of Logan, another insanely popular social star. You know Logan as the guy who does the splits everywhere, and currently, is training to quality for the 2020 Olympics. Something that Jake is helping him with. Logan also guest starred on Jake’s show, Bizaardvark, in the first season.
  • He put in some hard work for his acting craft. “I had to put in the hours off screen to be successful on screen. Filming 21 episodes of a TV show isn’t easy and I really learned a lot from the process. I HAD to become better each day to keep up,” he told Forbes.
  • Speaking of acting and Bizaardvark, you can watch him opposite Madison Hu and Olivia Rodrigo on the show on Disney Channel. The series airs on Friday nights and will debut its second season later this year.
  • He once wanted to be the “Dr. Dre of social media”. “I want to take my success and replicate it with other artists,” Jake once told People, after launching Team 10, which included Alissa.
  • Jake has expanded Team 10 into TeamDom, his company dedicated to promoting and incubating internet talent and their content projects. He’s been celebrating since securing funding for the company, raising over $1 Million in financing for it.
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