The '13 Reasons Why' Cast Rave About Working With Selena Gomez

The '13 Reasons Why' Cast Rave About Working With Selena Gomez

Let’s be real here — working with Selena Gomez on pretty much anything could probably be on every Young Hollywood stars wish list, yes?

We know it would be on ours!

13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford is one of the lucky ones to not only work with the singer/actress, but also be her friend.

“Selena’s super busy, so we didn’t physically meet her until toward the end of shooting,” Katherine revealed. “More than anyone, she knows how to live one’s life in the public eye.”

“It’s weird now, because when I say, ‘Oh, I’m going to have lunch with Selena,’ people freak out.”

She adds, “I still have this message from Selena when she texted me her number. It came up on my screen, and she said, ‘Hey, it’s Selena’—and I’m just looking at it, like it doesn’t feel real. But, at the same time, she’s as real as you can get.”

Click inside to see what the rest of the cast had to say about working with Selena Gomez…

Dylan Minnette (Clay): “Selena is passionate about what the series tackles,” he says. “She doesn’t necessarily like too much of the attention she’s getting, but she’s appreciative of her popularity—because she can use her position of influence for the better. She brings with it a sense of empowerment. She’s genuine, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously.”

He adds, “If she keeps producing, she’s going to be a favorite producer for everyone, I’m sure.”

Ross Butler (Zach): “It was amazing. It was not a show I was expecting of Selena. This seemed like a complete 180,” he shares. “When I heard that she was a part of it, it was really interesting and drew me to it. After I got to work with her, I have some much more respect for her and the message she’s trying to put out there.

Tommy Dorfman (Ryan): “She’s superhumble and supportive and obviously has a lot of experience to share,” he shared. “A lot of us are really new to this industry and she was there as an amazing resource. She’s so passionate about this book and this story being told.”

Showrunner Brian Yorkey: “Selena is who I met with to try and get the job. We talked about why wanted to make it into something that kids would think was cool because it could be meaningful and important. She has an intimate touch with millions of young people and cares very deeply about their lives…” he says.

“The fact that she chose to stick with this project even once she had aged out of it being a project for her to act in was inspirational. If we can make something that’s meaningful and Selena can point some of her fans toward it, then we have a chance of reaching some people. That was always a huge motivation for us.”


13 Reasons Why is streaming now on Netflix.

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