Stuck in the Middle's Lulu Lambros Shares 10 Fun Facts With JJJ!

Stuck in the Middle's Lulu Lambros Shares 10 Fun Facts With JJJ!

Lulu Lambros is letting JJJ readers get to know her!

You probably know the 13-year-old actress best as Harley’s (Jenna Ortega) lovable BFF and neighbor of the Diaz clan, Ellie, on Stuck in the Middle, which airs Fridays @ 8PM on the Disney Channel.

“We are in our second season and going strong!” Lulu told us. “Stuck in the Middle has been an incredible joy to be a part of. Because it’s a family show we have fans of all ages- everyone can relate to the Diazes in some way. The love and support we have received from fans has been truly unbelievable.”

She added, “My character, Ellie, is a perfect balance of shy and innocent, and hilariously funny! Her eagerness to be a part of the wacky fun at the Diaz house, against he wishes of her over-protective mom, makes her a fun character to watch.”

Check out 10 fun facts Lulu shared with us:

1. I was on a competitive swim team for years. I eventually retired as I got busier with work.

2. I once ate so many apricots that I haven’t been able to eat one again.

3. I don’t watch TV but if I have some down time and a laptop, it’s Gossip Girl and make up tutorials all the time. I’m obsessed!

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4. My full name is Lucia which is pronounced LOO-SHA, like the island St. Lucia. My parents fell in love there.

5. I have three dogs and still constantly beg my parents for another one.

6. I am an only child. My close friends are like my siblings.

7. I am a terrible singer but I was the lead singer in a band for a couple of years.

8. I randomly break out in an Australian accent. ooking a role that requires an Australian accent would be so cool!

9. I have been going to traditional school all my life but I’m starting home schooling next year. It’s kind of exciting to try something new. I’ll miss my friends though.

10. My favorite movie is Footloose. I can watch it over and over again. The last scene is EVERYTHING.

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