Vanessa Hudgens' 'Powerless' Removed From NBC Schedule

Vanessa Hudgens' 'Powerless' Removed From NBC Schedule

Vanessa Hudgens‘ NBC series Powerless has been pulled from its time slot.

While the DC Comics’ comedy has not yet been officially cancelled, the future of its remaining episodes is uncertain.

“#Powerless will not air this week or next. This, I know for sure. I can guess some other things but they’re not good. Thanks for watching,” showrunner Patrick Schumacker tweeted.

Powerless began airing in February but ratings were not as impressive as anticipated.

The remaining three episodes of the show remain unscheduled while Superstore will be taking over the Thursday 8:30 PM time slot.

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  • Kris

    It’s about time the series ended. It’s pretty obvious the way the ratings have dropped it wouldn’t last that long.newsflash: DC comics isn’t a successful idea for a tv sitcom.

  • Years ago there was a sitcom called “Listen Up” with Malcolm Jamal Warner and Jason Alexander. Danielle Monet played the daughter, and she was fantastic. At age 16 she outshined those veteran sitcom actors. Anyway, CBS never, I mean never, promoted the show.

    If you watched 60 minutes, you’d hear a preview of the night’s coming attractions. They’d announce every show scheduled for the evening but skip right over “Listen Up”. Needless to say it’s ratings tanked, and the show got yanked. Sad.

  • RegReach

    Dont do a dsuperhereo show ithout the heroes
    I mean you could ave at least let it be their secret idenities walk around

  • Kate

    This is so cruel. They should have at least finished the first season.