Canadian Schools Are Now Banning Netflix's '13 Reasons Why'

Canadian Schools Are Now Banning Netflix's '13 Reasons Why'

Canada is upping New Zealand.

While New Zealand isn’t allowing anyone under the age of 18 to watch 13 Reasons Why without a parent present, some schools in Canada are just outright banning the program.

Via Variety and the CBC, some Edmonton, Alberta schools “sent an email to the parents of sixth graders letting them know their students were prohibited from even mentioning the show on school grounds.”

The letter reads: “The discussion that is unfolding at school is troubling. This series is rated Mature and the theme is the suicide of a high school student. This show includes graphic violence (rape) and gore, profanity, alcohol/drugs/smoking, and frightening/intense scenes. The purpose of this email is to provide you with this information. Please let your child know that discussion of ’13 Reasons Why’ is not permitted at school due to the disturbing subject matter.”

But that’s not all…the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board claims on their own site that the show was “guilty of the glamorization of suicidal behavior and [depicting] negative portrayals of helping professionals.”

While we don’t think 6th graders should watch the show without a parent, junior high and high school students are exposed to the issues brought to light in the show every day.

13 Reasons Why isn’t glamorizing anything. It’s showing the issues how they are and how to get help.

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  • Max

    hahaha, banning something that is uncomfortable, not talking about the topic suicide, is EXACTLY the way how to deal with the problem. ignore it, and it will go away. NO. take your time, talk about it in class, explain, that there are different options than suicide, you might actually HELP one of your students.
    this just disgusts me, as a human being, and as a teacher!

    • Carlardavis

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    • Just Saying

      They are not banning it because is “uncomfortable” but because it doesn’t portrays the subject correctly, it approaches it in a way that makes teens who suffer from mental illness think that adults and professionals won’t help or believe them. You rather your students watch a show that romanticises and glamourises suicide? I would argue this but the ones speaking against the show are ACTUAL experts and professionals on mental illness, suicide and depression, I rather listen to them, I don’t know about you…

      • Starlight

        13Rw was was NOT romanticize at all, it was just a brutally honest series that shined a light on taboo topics like bulling, rape & depression which many teens & young adults have experienced but are unable to cope or talk about. Still till this day little to no action is being done within schools to help fix it so books & series like this helps bring it to light and push for change. Also when it comes to “romanticizing” then you must be referring to Romeo & Juilet “a love suicide” which is a reading requirement in todays schools (including Canada) & also performed frequently in plays & musicals even at some elementary schools. Hmm…I wonder what these so called professtionals think about that?

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