EXCLUSIVE: 'MECH-X4' Star Raymond Cham, Jr. Dishes On Season Finale: 'It Will Be Awesome'

EXCLUSIVE: 'MECH-X4' Star Raymond Cham, Jr. Dishes On Season Finale: 'It Will Be Awesome'

Raymond Cham, Jr. is so ready for fans to see the explosive season finale of Disney XD’s MECH-X4!

The star, who plays Mark on the show, revealed all that fans can expect with the two-part episode, airing Monday, May 1st @ 7AM ET/PT.

“Fans can expect a lot of action-packed Ryan VS Seth Harper that will be awesome,” he says. “But there are going to be some very heartfelt moments as well.”

Hardcore fans can also expect to see more of the “Mark-Mobile”. “[It] comes in handy,” Raymond shared.

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JJJ: Over the course of the first season, there have been some major stunts. Which has been the most difficult/the most fun?
: “I believe in episode 5, Mark and Davage are playing cat and mouse in the robot, and there were some really fun stunts I was able to do. But there is one scene/shoot day that stands out the most when I think of stunt work.

There was a scene in the school where we had to fight off a handful of Seth Harper acolytes and my entire fight choreography were kicks and I had just hurt my knee. I didn’t tell anyone that I was injured because I knew they’d tell me to sit down with an ice pack while my stunt double had all the fun. I was definitely regretting that decision when they said cut.”

JJJ: This show is unlike any of the other shows. What would you say is the biggest draw?
: I think what grabs people’s attention are the characters. Yes, there’s a cool robot fighting monsters but at the center of it, there are four kids in high school trying to figure out what their purpose is, which is something we can all relate to.

JJJ: Some fans will get a Transformers/Power Rangers, and even Goonies type of feel. What feeling would you say the show has?
: If our show can be put in a category with any of those it’d be an honor. I love all of those comparisons especially the Goonies.

JJJ: What’s been the biggest takeaway for you with the show?
: I was allowed to shadow a few directors while shooting and with that experience alone, and I learned a great deal about the process and what it takes to make a show. But beyond that, the memories I’ve made and relationships I’ve built will be apart of me forever.

JJJ: How much are you dying to be the “driver” in the robot?
: Nate [Potvin] has to be in a harness for hours on hours, I’ll leave it to him.

JJJ: Growing up, what types of shows did you watch? Were they anything like this?
: I never watched anything like this when I was a kid. I wasn’t into this genre as much as I am now, which is weird. But I wish I knew about a show like this when I was younger, especially with the diversity in our cast. Everyone can look at our cast and get a feeling that they are represented, especially with the addition of Veracity. Can’t wait for you guys to see more of her next season.

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