Exclusive: Gabi DeMartino Writes Emotional 'Letter to Mom' for JJJ's Mother's Day Series

Exclusive: Gabi DeMartino Writes Emotional 'Letter to Mom' for JJJ's Mother's Day Series

Gabi DeMartino really bares her soul in her emotional letter to her mother.

Gabi who — along with her twin sis Niki, became a YouTube sensation, lifestyle influencer and singer with millions of fans — wants her mom, Nelida (Nelly) DeMartino, to know how much her support truly helped her became the amazing person she is today.

Gabi‘s letter is beautiful and inspirational.

For our multi-part Mother’s Day series, Gabi penned an emotional letter to her mother to let her know how much she means to her.

Dear Mom,

It’s hard to grasp that I’m nearing the age you were when you gave up everything for me. At 22 I have a new perspective that I haven’t had before. Thanks for all you do, Mom. If it weren’t for you not only would I not be alive today, but I wouldn’t be living my dreams.

Thank you for saving me from the bullies when I was 12, for helping me switch schools in the middle of the seventh grade when I needed it most, for understanding when I was failing every class freshman year because my best friend passed away, and thank you for sleeping next to me when I couldn’t go to bed after my first heartbreak.

You would go through anything just to make sure your babies are happy and that’s the greatest thing about you.

I remember the school was so upset, because you would complain to the dean every single time I would come off the bus in tears about how the girls humiliated me… again. You didn’t care how you looked, you only cared about how I felt. Even though I was alone, you made sure I had you.

And now that I’m older with a new perspective, I wish I could tell myself that having you was all I needed. As a kid, it’s hard to see the big picture, and I’m sorry if it ever seemed like I took you for granted.

I love you, Mom.


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