13 Reasons Why's Ross Butler Opens Up About Zach's Note

13 Reasons Why's Ross Butler Opens Up About Zach's Note

Ross Butler looks pretty dreamy in this new feature for Coveteur.

The 26-year-old actor opened up about 13 Reasons Why and his hidden talent. Check it:

How he differed from his characters growing up: “I was just a weird kid. There were points where I felt like I didn’t necessarily belong, and tried to latch onto anything that I felt I could connect with. Through high school, I felt like I didn’t fit in with any particular group, so I did feel isolated, like I was on an island and could see all these different cliques of people—the jocks, and nerds, and the classic archetypal cliques—but I felt separate from them. What’s actually most interesting to me is hearing other people’s perspectives of how I was in high school, after high school. I thought nobody actually liked me, but then there are some [people] who are like, no you were a popular kid. Then there are some who are like, yeah, you were definitely weird. [laughs].”

The truth about Zach’s note on 13 Reasons Why: “I think my episode is where it makes the viewers question if she’s lying, because there’s talk about what’s her truth? Courtney and some of the other characters were like, her truth is not my truth. It levels the playing field to say, ‘Yes, this is all being seen from Hannah’s perspective, but not everything she said could be true.’ It doesn’t mean she’s lying, but she maybe she genuinely thought that she saw me throw it away, and the truth is, I kept it. My episode gives the viewers new perspective, and a new way of thinking about her perspective.”

How he learned to cook steak: “One of my hidden talents is that I can make really good steak. I taught myself how to cook steak on a cast iron skillet. I would get these ribeye that are like 3 to 4 inches thick—so hard to cook, takes 30 minutes—and I cooked maybe 3 to 5 steaks a week for a month. And I ate every single steak. There were ones that were really raw, there were ones that were way overcooked, some weren’t charred enough. But I got it down to a science now where I know how to baste it right. I honestly think I can make steak better than a lot of restaurants for half the price, because I love Costco and they have great meat. They don’t even pay me, but you can get like three 1.5 lb ribeye for like 60 bucks and they’re delicious. All my friends know that I love Costco.”

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