Bella Thorne is Pretty Sure the Disney Channel Hates Her By Now

Bella Thorne is Pretty Sure the Disney Channel Hates Her By Now

Bella Thorne isn’t opposed to being back on the Disney Channel.

In fact, the 19-year-old actress said she’d love to star in a real-life Kim Possible film, but she’s not so sure the network would approve.

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It all started when a fan wrote, “@DisneyChannel if y’all decide to make a real life Kim Possible movie @bellathorne would make the perfect Kim”

Bella tweeted, “I would be so down but they prob hate me by now”

If you remember, Bella starred for Shake It Up for years, but quickly shed that image of herself once the show ended.

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  • rbrucecarter

    Nope, ABC Family is owned by Disney. There was talk of live action KP movie years ago, at the time Bonnie Dennison was almost perfect Kim lookalike. Bella is really sweet – we ex-TI people have an inside track to her becsuse of the DLP commercials. I’ll see if I can contact her and calm those fears. If Disney hated her, no way she would have her own show. In fact, it was Zendaya that they short changed, conveniently losing the web votes that would have won her Dancing With the Stars a few years back.

    • Kris

      In all fairness, I just don’t believe Bella being the IT girl everyone will be talking about or can relate to years from now. She has outdone herself in so many ways and has already ruined herself with the chances and looks she has taken to seem likeable and relatable. I get it she’s young. But how long would it take for her to realize her actions is what MAKES her what she is. Miley has outdone her career after HM and look what she went through to prove she was out of Disney. All i am saying is, if Disney wanted her they would think multiple times before bringing her back.I mean she did nothing but shade them for hiring her…

      And as for Zendaya- a few votes or a couple votes doesn’t change how far her career has gotten her. She has had opportunities and sponsors from people who respect her. Not to mention she has kept the business side of things away from her personal life. You can’t say the same thing with bella now can you?

  • Coming out of Shake It Up, Bella was hot and in demand. She had so many opportunities, and she took advantage of that. Good for her. I’m just hoping she doesn’t go cuckoo

    • Kris

      In all fairness I think Zendaya had the upper hand after Shake It Up. She had many partnerships outside the Disney Community and till this day is driven to do more movies/music. Bella, no offence has no experience acting or singing and making that known to the world, she would no get far ahead with that attitude of hers. She has already has scandals and is seen with people that is making her go down that hill…

      As for the live action KP, if anyone could play Kim Possible it should be someone who is not in the public eye so much and can sing, dance, and be able to do stunts like Kim.

  • Shell

    Considering she just did an interview saying she only did Shake It Up for money and more or less said she hated every second of it, I doubt they would go near here anymore.

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