Is Candice Patton Leaving 'The Flash' After Iris' Death?

Is Candice Patton Leaving 'The Flash' After Iris' Death?

The question of the day seems to be “Is Candice Patton leaving The Flash?”

After last night’s episode, where we saw Iris stabbed through the back by Savitar, one can only assume that the actress would be leaving the show, right? Not so fast.

In her Vulkan magazine interview, Candice revealed that she isn’t ready to say goodbye to Iris West.

“Iris is a joy to play, but I think anything you do for a long period of time will make you want to stretch yourself in a new different way,” she shared, talking about taking other projects.

She added, “I have no desire to say goodbye to Iris anytime soon.”

There’s no official word on if Candice is leaving or not. We’ll all just have to wait and find out together, with next week’s season finale.

Spoiler: The promo is rough to watch.

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  • Ethan Rasiel

    uh, SPOILER ALERT…this aired yesterday and you put it in the headline? Not cool man

    • the_Vicman 006

      Still spoiler. I still havent watch the newest 4 Arrow episodes. People work, have family, study and some have all of the above

      • Fuh Que

        With all that crap why even bother attempting to watch tv or any other hobbies?


    Ela não morreu!!

  • the_Vicman 006

    There were many plot holes to this story including “why didnt they take Iris into ARGUS?” but Barry said he would do anything so save Iris. Next episode he faces Savitar alongside kid flash. After his win he realizes his pain not having Iris there and runs back in time to prevent a pain consumed Barry from saving his mom and hopefully prevent Flashpoint from happening. He hopes to go back to the ending of season 2 with Iris sitting in the front porch of Joe’s house. But that’s not what happens, he has created another timeline for season 4.
    Yeah, I know, kid flash. He was a fake. Season 3 reveals he has the speedforce but inactive. He already runs or used to run cars. Yup, this is the kid flash that gets hit by a lighting bolt.

>>>>>>> staging1