Did 'Arrow' Just Kill Off Everyone In Their Season Five Season Finale?

Did 'Arrow' Just Kill Off Everyone In Their Season Five Season Finale?


Seriously, WHAT just happened on Arrow last night?!

Did the series really kill off all those characters, just like that? Here’s what went down:

Chase pretty much kidnapped every single person that Oliver has loved, cared of, and even was just an acquaintance of — which forced him to recruit the villains he could actually stand to help take Chase down, and rescue his friends.

But did things actually go as planned? No (but then again, when have they ever?).

The island luring was most definitely a trap, but Oliver’s team did manage to free Felicity, Curtis, Samantha, and Thea.

There was a little Olicity kiss (yay!) before Oliver sent the freed friends with Malcolm, to get off the island and away from there pretty quick — but again, when do things go as planned?

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As they left, Thea stepped on a landmine, and Malcolm threw her out of the way to take her place on top of it. We don’t know if Malcolm will return for season 6 or not.

Once the freed ones made it to the plane, they found that Chase had disabled it, and then found that he had also rigged the entire island with high-tech explosives.

After Felicity tells Oliver about the explosives on the island, he goes after Chase, who tried to leave with his son, William on a boat. It’s there that the ultimatum comes in — he kills Chase and show William the monster he is, or Chase will kill William.

And of course, there’s another catch — Chase has a kill switch rigged to explosives on the island, which means if Oliver kills Chase, he kills his team. Oliver doesn’t kill him, but Chase does kill himself and the hundreds of bombs began to go off one by one.

So, who actually survived the season finale besides Oliver and William? We don’t want to wait until season six. We need to know this now!

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  • whalebale

    Won’t be watching anymore if Felciity is killed off. Oliver and Felicity has this incredible chemistry that keeps fans watching.