This 'High School Musical' Theory Might Be The Best Theory Yet

This 'High School Musical' Theory Might Be The Best Theory Yet

There are theories out there about everything — but this one about High School Musical might just blow them all away.

There’s another new theory, from Reddit obviously, saying that all three movies are actually one long musical that is separated into three acts.

Apparently, we’re watching a musical of the musical of the musical.

“Everything in the 3 movies is only a musical,” this theorist explained, which is coming to light nearly two years after they originally proposed it.

“This explains the perfectly choreographed dance sequences when they randomly sing songs, the ending scene, and the very fictitious story.”

They add, that “towards the end of High School Musical 3, we see the main cast walking towards the camera until they stand on a stage. Curtains fall behind them as they bow to the audience, and the series ends as more curtains close. While the saying of goodbyes can be dismissed as a gesture towards fans, I think it hints to the true story of the movie series.”

“The name of the series, however, is my most concrete point in this theory. It’s even partially canon that the movies never happened, and were only a, well, high school musical.”

Is your mind blown or even more confused yet? Kenny Ortega, can you please clear this up!

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