Selena Gomez's Hospital Bracelet in 'Bad Liar' Promo Pic is Not Related to Self Harm

Selena Gomez's Hospital Bracelet in 'Bad Liar' Promo Pic is Not Related to Self Harm

When Selena Gomez sat for photographer Petra Collins, the “Bad Liar” shoot was raw and emotional.

The 24-year-old singer is on a bed basked in window light as she looks directly into the camera. (In one shot, here, her wrists are tied at the wrist with a thick, white ribbon.)

Very noticeably on her left wrist is a bright yellow bracelet that reads “Fall Risk” in bold black letters. The bracelet is something hospitals use to alert the staff that a patient is vulnerable to falling.

And it wasn’t just a prop. It was Selena‘s real bracelet from a hospital visit she took to have her lupus treated, just prior to the shoot.

Why didn’t she remove the bracelet?

“It was a very real moment,” Selena told MTV.

Selena says Petra encouraged her to leave it on for the shoot. “She thought it was beautiful … It was just exactly where I was emotionally.”

While some people thought the bracelet was somehow alluding to self harm or suicide, given Selena‘s involvement in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why which centers around the suicide of a high school sophomore. A project Selena is very passionate about, even thought the content is very dark and difficult.

Turns out, what the bracelet really symbolizes is Selena‘s honesty with her fans and the vulnerability she is willing to show.

The fact she was a fall risk while in the hospital shows a very real side to the serious battle Selena is having with Lupus.

Selena has been very open about how she feels like she can’t hide anything from her fans, as you can hear in this interview with radio host Elvis Duran, listen here.

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