Five Little Lessons From Christina Grimmie That We'll Never Forget

Five Little Lessons From Christina Grimmie That We'll Never Forget

It’s been one full year since Christina Grimmie was taken from us in a tragic shooting in Orlando, Florida.

Fans have returned to the scene for memorials all weekend, and her family released not only her new album, but a lyric video for “Sublime” as well to honor her.

While JJJ was looking around for Christina tidbits that would make us smile instead of cry, we ran into a gem of an article from our friends at Pulse Spikes.

In the article, Christina gifted us with five little, but still big, life lessons that we all should carry with us.

Lesson #1: Face Your Fears and Be Brave.

“One of my favorite quotes in the world is actually one from a popular anime: ‘All the disadvantages in this world are due to the insecurities of the person himself’s ability,’” she shared when asked about just how young girls can overcome their struggles and be themselves.

Christina added, “Which basically is a fancy way of saying, you won’t achieve great things, things that you strive for, if you are constantly held back by things that scare you. If you take action on your goals, you will achieve them.”

See the other lessons, and the “Sublime” lyric video inside the cut…

Never Apologize For Who You Are: “I don’t care what people label me. I have a greater message to send out to people anyway.”

Keep Your Loved Ones Close: “My strength comes from the Lord; my fans, my family and friends who truly care about me; that and I’ve for the most part grown out of most insecurity that I used to deal with because of being in this business for the amount of time that I have.”

You Will Get Through Anything: “The Grimmie motto, ‘Make the best of it.’ My dad has literally been saying that my entire life and I would always roll my eyes and laugh but now it’s actually something I need to remember to get through difficult times.”

Stay True To You: “Never forget where you came from. Aspire to do better and be better, even change a little if you have to; just never lose your morals. Keep going!”

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