Adelaide Kane Added This Trait To Mary on 'Reign' & We Bet You Never Noticed

Adelaide Kane Added This Trait To Mary on 'Reign' & We Bet You Never Noticed

As fans of Reign, we think that we know pretty much everything about the series and our favorite monarch, Mary, Queen of Scots.

But after talking with star Adelaide Kane, JJJ realizes we actually didn’t.

After dishing to us that she would’ve gotten rid of the rape storyline in season two (“That was hellacious, so I would’ve taken that out,” she says), Adelaide revealed that she gave Mary a little trait that we didn’t pick up on.

“After [that], I consciously decided to give Mary a nervous tick. It’s whenever she’s really, really nervous about keeping it together or when her emotions are running high or when she felt threatened, she would rub her insignia ring. It’s almost like a post traumatic stress reflex.”

She adds, “I would rub my rings and I established that in season two. Any times in really high stress, that’s what I would do as a nervous tick. It was more a subtle thing that I would do for me as a subconscious kind of marker.”

“I don’t know if the fans picked up on that or not, or even if I was as consistent with it as I wanted to be. But it’s just a little thing and choice I made for her,” Adelaide shares. “That kind of experience sticks with you for your entire life and I didn’t want to just leave it by the wayside when we wrapped that up. That’s something that will be a part of her forever and I wanted to keep it and did it for the remainder of the show.”

That storyline was a very ripping one and to just let it go wouldn’t be right, and Adelaide agrees.

“It was just really important for me to honor that storyline and the importance of it in the show as a whole. I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody noticed it.”

The Reign series finale airs TOMORROW @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW.

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  • Belle

    As a sexual abuse victim, the different ticks and coping mechanisms displayed in the 2nd season, even moments in the 3rd and 4th, were definitely noticed. It was nice (though hard at times) to watch a show where the actor didn’t ‘forget’ her character’s history. I remember countless times calling a friend in tears because I recognized myself in one of Mary’s post-trauma scenes – yes, especially down to watching her fidget with her fingers, or see the look on her face if someone came close. It was a storyline that many disliked, it made some uncomfortable, but for me, it was a storyline that I was grateful for. All too often some shy away from the real truth behind such a situation; they don’t want to downplay or over play something… but, for me/to me, it was well written and even better displayed by her passion to respect the ‘hellacious’ story and see it through – whether that was done for her fans or for her career, it’s to be applauded. I will always applaud that kind of devotion, and I’ve yet to see another TV show spend quite so long walking the path to healing with a character. THAT, to someone who lives with daily reminders, daily ‘ticks’, and daily coping mechanisms, was truly respectful of others not unlike myself, and drawing awareness to the very real state of mind that we live in each day. All this to say, her efforts were noted – even if they were subtle – and not only by this one, but by many others! <3