Adelaide Kane Learned Something New on 'Reign' in Almost Every Episode (Exclusive)

Adelaide Kane Learned Something New on 'Reign' in Almost Every Episode (Exclusive)

Adelaide Kane learned a lot from playing Mary, Queen of Scots on Reign.

She also learned a lot from the show about history in general — like where forks actually came from, and that Scotland actually does have earthquakes.

“There were a few times that certain storylines came up and I had to stop and say that that couldn’t have been true,” Adelaide told JJJ exclusively. “There was no way that those things could’ve been true. But then I would actually look it up and do the research.”

She did a lot of research when the show first started, too.

“I did a bunch of research when we first started shooting because I wanted to be informed, and then I took my cues from the script moving on. Every now and again, I’d be ‘Nah, that can’t be true. There’s no way that happened’. But they did!”

She adds, “There was a story about Scotland having an earthquake and I thought, ‘no, Scotland doesn’t have earthquakes’, but they did, and they do. I checked it out and it was 100% real. Scotland might not be on fault lines but they do have earthquakes. It’s super weird.”

One of the big things that Adelaide discovered in her research was that Catherine de Medici is responsible for forks.

“I thought that forks had been around forever, but they were actually introduced by Catherine de Medici into the French culture. She was a huge influence in arts and culture, and brought a lot of things over from Italy. It was all like a ‘huh, what do ya know?’ moment. I was wrong and I know nothing (laughs).”

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