'Reign' Series Finale Recap - Mary Stuart's Fate Revealed!

'Reign' Series Finale Recap - Mary Stuart's Fate Revealed!

We don’t think we’ve cried harder in our lives than over the series finale of Reign!

There were so many moments for each of our three queens — Mary, Catherine and Elizabeth — that you really needed to pay attention all the way through it.

What did Catherine decide to do? Did Elizabeth become the warrior and ‘Great’ queen we know from history, and what were Mary’s final thoughts about?

JJJ’s got a full recap for you — so click inside if you want to know!



The Queen mother of France, Catherine de Medici’s final story involved her saving her butt, and her daughter, Margot’s.

Before a scandalous meeting with a witch, Catherine is trying to get her, Henry and Charles, to get along. But, we’re talking about Henry and Charles. They’re not going to get along — but mom’s words get to them and they realize if they work together, they can defeat Spain.

After the affair, Catherine overhears both of the guys talking about taking over Spain and she’s not exactly happy about their said plans. She goes to the witch, Emmanuelle, and yep, their plan is stupid. It’s going to backfire on them.

However, if she intervenes at all, she’s going to become the scapegoat and be killed. She has to choose — intervene, or save herself stay out of it and live.

Obviously, she chooses life.

Long live Queen Catherine.


Elizabeth is paving her path into history and her first order of business? Getting rid of Jane, who is talking so much smack about her — and by scepter, no less!

Her true turn comes when she considers Mary’s letter about her newborn son, James, and in turn breaks off her engagement to which ever nobleman she was engaged too (Elizabeth does not need a man!)

A big moment in the finale was when we see Elizabeth in her armor, heading into battle against Spain. There isn’t anyone getting her crown.

Long live Queen Elizabeth I


In some sort of miracle (seriously, those happen here), Mary’s brother James finds her kidnapped baby son James almost instantly. We are all fine by that — that means Darnley is disposed of, right? Almost.

Knowing the plans that syphilis-infected Darnley and her wicked mother still have of making him the Steward of the Heir, Mary plots with the hunky Lord Bothwell to have him killed. (History shows us this isn’t true, but you know, historical liberties here)

Bothwell’s plan goes a little bit awry, but in the end, Darnley is gone — and we are happy. Seriously, Mary never should have married him!

But it’s not over — because the attempted murder scene when awry and it didn’t look like an accident, Bothwell and Mary are in serious trouble; and moments later, a group of nobles with John Knox, come to arrest them both.

She almost reluctantly hands her son, Prince James, over to his uncle and goes without a struggle, and she has harsh words for John Knox after he tells her that it’s not right for women to have power and says that “men will never willingly bow to the weaker sex.”

Mary, being our hero and reigning Queen forever, is not going to stand for that. She replies coolly, “[Men] will suffer greatly for it.”


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