'The Originals' Are Casting For Hope's Love Interest For Season 5

'The Originals' Are Casting For Hope's Love Interest For Season 5

We’ve all heard about the plans for The Originals season five that involve an older Hope.

We know that there will be another time jump, and that Summer Fontana (who plays Hope right now) might not be in the next season.

Now, we also know there are plans for another new vampire character — a love interest for Hope.

EW reports that the show is currently casting for a “devilishly charming, recently-turned vampire named Roman.”

The new character will find himself having a common bond with the daughter of Klaus and Hayley, over their dysfunctional families.

This sounds interesting…what do you think about this news?

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  • Kyng

    I knew JP couldn’t help herself. Season 5 is going to be full of ships(something nobody watching the show wants), all the while using mindless and stupid excuses for killing the current romance.

    I don’t ship anyone fyi….but JP using the excuses she is treats the adults who watch show like they are children, and makes Hayley’s character a complete hypocrite….much like Elena in tvd.

    • Elizabeth Hopkins

      Agree. We wasted 3 seasons on Hayley and Elijah for nothing. I don’t even like Hayley but I wanted her with Elijah…lol ps totally agree about Elena being a hypocrite

      • AJ22

        I agree completely!

  • Lori-Ann Pisciotta

    I think that it all needs re -vamping so to speak.. with the VD ending.. I think a new series with a new cast and some of the old VD cast like Jeremy Caroline Alaric.. kudos

  • Veda V Lion

    I do believe that will lose viewers she’s a little too young to be having Romance so soon. I like the older characters after all they’re the reason why I watched all this time . And they have been extremely entertaining throughout the last four seasons. As soon as you start a clan of all these different new characters and Young like in the Vampire diary all the new characters the older Clan, parents were killed off. I stopped watching the ratings went down, just saying. and where is Vincent in the Originals haven’t seen him in a minute and I love his performance!! “Hello”!

    • hallie24

      They are aging hope which is why they are casting a love interest as well she will be close to the age TVD characters were when tvd started around 15 or 16 so i don’t see how that is to young. I don’t see how that would lose viewers like most shows kids are usually either babies or they age them to young adults allowing them to give them there own storyline which is what most shows do. There is just so much they can do with hope at age 7. The show will still be mostly about klaus and elijah probably haley and if rumours are right caroline. You don’t really think because you stopped watching the ratings went down like most shows the older the show the more ratings go down just how it is and eight years is a long time for a series. I like vincent but i do think his days are numbered either he gets killed in the finale or he is gone by next season with the 10 year jump.

      • Veda V Lion

        Time will tell.

        • Terri Badge

          I think season 5 should use hope adjusting to the school and how its going to affect her relationship with her parents not around since season 4 was so focus on hope having a family to soon for her to jump to that age of romance . What of haley and elijah relationship

      • Kyng

        Rating just didn’t go down for tvd…they tanked between season 4 and 5.

  • Chivonne Dell

    Still bitter over TVD.