'Stuck in the Middle' Star Cerina Vincent Shares 10 Fun Facts With JJJ!

'Stuck in the Middle' Star Cerina Vincent Shares 10 Fun Facts With JJJ!

Get to know Cerina Vincent from Stuck in the Middle!

The Las Vegas native of course plays Suzy Diaz – the mother of the seven kids on the show.

“I’ve had the opportunity to play a lot of different roles in my career,” Cerina told us. “Been on a ton of bloody fun horror sets, teen comedies, dramas., etc…but I have to say, playing a mother is really rewarding. The Stuck in the Middle writers have given me such fun, quirky, and meaningful material to bring to life.”

“Also, when I yell at or reprimand the kids… I realize I sound just like my own mother!” she said. “And she thinks so, too!! It’s wild how certain roles live inside you and are just waiting for the right project to let them out.”

Check out 10 fun facts Cerina shared with us:

1. I LOVE to cook. I’m Italian so it’s literally in my blood. I cook with clean, organic, healthy whole foods, and I love making new things. I have chicken tortilla soup on my stove right now. Oh, and I’m a professional at turning “there’s nothing in my kitchen” into a really rad meal!

2. I have 36 first cousins, 64 second cousins, and 28 third cousins. And that’s just on my Dad’s side! There’s a lot of love in this family. I’m grateful to have been born into it.

3. I’ve been doing yoga for 17 years, and I try to meditate everyday.

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4. I have amazing girlfriends in my life. We keep each other grounded. We inspire each other. In fact, I wrote a book series in my 20′s with one of my best girl friends that’s all about this kind of girlfriend-to-girlfriend advice.

5. I’m a self-diagnosed “extroverted introvert.” I love people and parties and fun and travel. And then I can’t wait for the other side of it for quiet, solo, peaceful time to recharge.

6. When I was young I was painfully shy. But I could sing and perform on stage! It was weird. I was “Pepper” in Annie in a big outdoor theater in Las Vegas when I was 12. I was “Liesel” in The Sound of Music in High School. Oh, and Miss Nevada Teen USA in ’96. That forced me out of my shell.

7. I’m super sensitive and I can be a worrier. It annoys my family. But I see 11:11 every day, twice a day, and I believe that it’s magical and means that ultimately everything is going to be okay.

8. I prefer reading nonfiction, spiritual, self-help, and inspirational kinds of books over fiction.

9. I can be horrible about returning text messages. I blame it on being an Aquarian.

10. Since I was 14, I’ve always had a job. I worked at Wet Seal and Bath & Body Works at the mall in High School. I also modeled. I worked at my uncles law firm over the summer before my senior year. I babysat. I was a waitress. I’ve done it all. And my first series in the biz? I was the Yellow Power Ranger.

And one more for fun? Just to make it lucky 11?

11. When I was a little girl I always wanted 7 kids. So the fact that I get to play Suzy Diaz on Stuck in the Middle feels divinely meant to be and meant for me.

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