'The Originals' Season Five: Here's What's Ahead For The Show

'The Originals' Season Five: Here's What's Ahead For The Show

The Originals doesn’t have a premiere date for the upcoming season just yet, but we already know what to look forward to.

While the Mikaelson family was split up in the season finale, Hayley was seen dropping Hope off at a school — Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted.

In season 5, the focus will be on a teenage Hope at the school in Mystic Falls, who may or may not get a love interest.

The Originals isn’t leaving New Orleans totally behind though — something will likely lure the Mikaelsons back to the city that keeps calling their name.

Family reunion, maybe?

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  • Awesome Art Digital

    I like how the article writer said “Family reunion, maybe?” that’s a laugh because that goes without saying that they all at some point with in the first 4 or 5 episodes will reunite because lets face it the show would be pretty boring if they did not and having individual stories would be even lame. If the show is to continue on they would have to become united again as a family because the show is about them. If they extended their separation for more then 5 episodes they would lose the fans and since the CW is short changing the fans again with a yet another short season the Arc of the Season and their reunion would have to come quickly, but then again us TVD fans suffered through Evil Damon for half of the final season which goes without saying pretty boring. Also Haley and Freya can still be around the Originals since they don’t have the Hollow in them, It would be a shock if Haley did not ever go to see Klaus and share with him pictures of their daughter with him and give him updates on her growing up since this will be another time jump, also Freya is closest with Rebeca so I would also think that Freya would be around her and maybe even check in on Klaus from time to time as she would even keep an eye on Elijah as well.

    • Breezy Carver

      I am sorry everyone is so excited about time jump! Summer Fontana did an amazing job as Hope my tears have just ended hearing her cry Dad!! To rip these actors away from one another breaks my heart! I hope they dont loose any other characters from the Originals! Julie plec is obessed with liberal politics and high school /college drama! Sad i went to a real life boarding school it was a great ride but as i become older the real take home keeper was with the family i lost through the years hence I have always been drawn and had great respect of the clever written and performed Originals. TVD died cast got old did not want to play characters anymore sigh Youth thats what happens they get sick of characters and plots. They seem to have no value of job or pay checks. Nor realize work is not always a good time! Hence i fear Julie burning out cast with stupid plots and ships! These are brilliant actors that thive on cool plots. They are like Sharesperian actors ,meaning they thrive on wicked clever written stories &
      plots! They thrive on drama not stupid love stories. Lets all learn
      from Elana and Damen put them together and the show fell apart as did their real life relationship! Fans not always right Look at me I want Summer Fontana to stay with The Originals. Poof i am not getting what i want! I wanted Stephen and Elana and Julie killed Stephen sigh no future there ever for Character at all! Damen was the one that wanted off and they killed Stephen sigh ! I fear this wonderful cast (of The Originals) will break up! CW making us wait another year for 13 episodes sigh cant we have 16 please?? I understand 22 is hard on cast but dam they are so good to watch! Please be safe,enjoy your time off but please come back to us soon! I shall miss Summer Fontana! Not fair to next actress
      because i am not getting so involved again!! I pray Daniel will be back and in “E”suits soon and i hope brilliantly written family drama gets him there fingers crossed! Most of all I hope Hope will still love and want her Dad and i hope & pray the tallented gifted writters get Joseph there ,to her in their own clever way, brilliantly performed by Joseph! Give Julie and other fans their darn spin off but not at Originals exspence.
      Please know tweens are a cool age too!!

      • Breezy Carver

        Ok Word No one watches these shows for Julie Plec sick political views does she own anything pay wicked over charged taxes ? Grow up Julie Hollywood is dying no one wants to hear Hollywood politics You are a gifted writer just write many are just as gifted and don’t have a job ! You should spend time on creative Poor Summer Fontana doesn’t have a job because of your crap as for books In TVD Stephen ended up with Elana ! Not everyone is in their 20s or 30s I am walking away as good as the cast are and gifted writers I just can’t deal with lame drama ! I have a great real life I watched because I needed to escape real life for a spell. Not get beat up verbally by other fans etc.. bottom line I love show not so much your ideas for another time jump in 5 th season life is too short !! I am tellin you show all be cancelled if they time jump again .. not long enough season nor time invested for another time jump! Mho and I am entitled to it ????

        • Robert

          Hi Breezy, Try to make a little more sense when you write some is confusing. Anyway Yes Stephen did end up with Elena in the Books BUT that was written by a Hired Ghost Writer NOT LJ Smith who wrote her final Books on Amazon Kindle and she Ended it with Damon and Elena, for me that’s the only one that counts since she is the creator, not the Ghost writer.