'Best Friends Whenever' Star Lauren Taylor Claps Back After Being Criticized For Having a Nose Ring

'Best Friends Whenever' Star Lauren Taylor Claps Back After Being Criticized For Having a Nose Ring

Lauren Taylor is not in the mood for your opinions about her nose ring.

The former Best Friends Whenever star was on Instagram Stories this weekend, showing off just how content she was with life right now, when one “fan” messaged her about her jewelry, and it wasn’t a nice message.

“Why are you putting that sh** in your nose? From beautiful to zero,” the commenter wrote to her. “How can we respect you if you don’t respect yourself.”

Lauren pretty much had the same thoughts we did about it — since when does having a nose ring mean you don’t have respect for yourself?

“Self-respect is loving myself enough to do as I wish while know that there will be people like you who will put me down for it,” she wrote back.

“I refuse to hide or alter myself to please ignorant people.”

Preach it, Lauren! Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you should look like, or what you should do.

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  • Leon Howard

    Idont like nose rings either but it’s her nose not mine

    • Geraldinefperez

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  • DougW

    Would’ve been better if she didn’t resort to calling the poster(s) ignorant.

  • disqus_2CWNUDUxAd

    Yeah while I don’t find the nose rings like that attractive at all (and it seems to be the “in” thing now) the guy talking about her having no self respect makes no sense at all. So kudos to her.

  • disqus_QSaXrvC0Px

    I don’t like the look of the nose ring on YOUNG WOMEN because it
    makes them look like the BULL in the old Bugs Bunny and Tweedy
    cartoon where Bugs was a Matador fighting the bull. I LOVE LAUREN but I’m DEFINITELY NOT A FAN of the nose ring.